May commences in the midst of the early eclipse cycle of this year. The Total Solar Eclipse, the incoming cosmic energy, came on April 20, just prior to Mercury turning retrograde, and the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, the outgoing cosmic energy, occurs on May 5. The energies being triggered on earth relate to personal reorientation and stabilisation. In other words, there is the opportunity here for either personal brilliance or ineptitude. 

What are you facing at this time and are you stepping up to meet the challenges in an original and compelling way or will you withdraw in the face of overwhelm? How are you standing in your power? With the North Node located near the fixed star Sheratan, there is also a caution here to avoid reckless behaviours. While these energies are focused on this period, their influence will cover the next three months, to the beginning of August.

The month begins with a harmonious energy where there is a sense of inner peace, developing an alignment with what you want and need and how to go about getting it. In this self examination there is a compulsion to state your position.

May 2 will see strong Mars and Uranus influences with restlessness, impatience and a strong desire for new experiences. There will be a boost to your confidence with a passion for innovation and change. Balanced by a lightness with a genuine enjoyment of being in the company of others. Before concluding the day with a heightening of sensitivity and confusion with an increased potential for misunderstandings. Take care with what you consume as you will be more sensitive than usual. With this your desires are heightened. 

Pluto turns retrograde on May 3 and over this phase of about the next six months, it will be important  to maintain integrity in the face of fateful circumstances. This day brings with it some intense energies, intuitive and spiritualised. So a focus upon these areas will do much to offset the intensity. Later in the day there is a caution for acting rashly or hastily as this may consequently bring harm and inconvenience later on. This will be fairly short lived though with May 4 bringing a lazy and indulgent energy with a yearning for pleasant feelings in this overly sensitive state.

May 5 brings on the Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Scorpio. The tension builds here between personal needs and duties with a heightened motivation to achieve. This is offset by the Venus influence over the day with its aspects to both Neptune and Jupiter, softening the tension between your feelings and reason.

May 6 has a highly excitable tone which can be disruptive in relationships with its impulsive and confident energy. Then later on softening with the arousal of deep feelings with the urge to make some changes.

May 7 the energy is more withdrawn and so a good day to take some time out. With Venus moving into Cancer, the month will so focus upon more time spent at home, entertaining there and spending time with family, blood or otherwise. Also a good time to tune into your feelings as well as paying attention to foods which may not agree with your system. May 8 continues with this gentler energy as does May 9 until later in the day when it turns.

So May 10 sees the conjunction of the Sun with Uranus also aspecting Mars. This will be an accident prone time. So note to self to contain any rising feelings of annoyance. Instead to get in touch with yourself, heighten your inner perception. This will offset the break required from routine mundane life and assist you with deepening your bond with others.

The Solar month of Taurus draws to its final trine aspect after the Full Moon. An inner peace and balance develops with the deeper understanding of what you want, what you need and how you go about getting this. You are now ready once again to take action.

May 11 has a great intensity about it with great honesty about what is required for your mental and emotional readjustments. May 12 has some hastiness about it while there is a balancing of this energy with Mercury sextile to Saturn, meaning a more measured way of going about things. It will do much to help settle the stirrings of the Third Quarter Moon where you may feel the tension of working at cross purposes between your wants and needs.

May 13 and 14 brings a strong sense of duty with its sense of selflessness. This marks a good time for discussing issues that may be a bit prickly at more rash times. This marks a good opportunity at the end of the Mercury retrograde period when you are ready to start incorporating those changes that have been fermenting within you. 

May 15 marks this time of action over the next 47 days before the next Epimethean phase when new Mercurial goals are implemented. So for now, having used this retrograde phase to sync with yourself by aligning your psyche with your environment, there is a release of power as engagement is married with observation. Check my website for my blog on the Mercury cycle.

Returning to our daily scheduling, for the first couple of days after Mercury moves direct, Mars also makes a trine aspect to Neptune. In this exalted state it is possible for confusion to creep in. Take a care around your benevolent acts. Are you rescuing others and is this instead a major ego trip? It will be important to not act rashly otherwise there will be regrets later.

Then on May 18 Jupiter moves into Taurus. It marks a time of actualising what is of value to you in your life. Is it money, ideas or ideals that you seek? Understanding this will assist your effectiveness in managing the material world by aligning with your self-understanding.

Jupiter also powerfully aspects Pluto, arousing ambitions to achieve great things. This is a time of repairing, reforming and reorganising to align with your true potential. But your methods must be carefully scrutinised or resistance from others as to what you are doing will arise and you may be held to account if your methods are not scrupulous. May 18 and 19 are fairly harmonious days winding up to the New Moon in the final degrees of Taurus on May 20.

On May 22 Mars moves into Gemini and opposes Pluto. This time would be well spent focusing closer to home, to your immediate surroundings and gaining more insight into your automatic patterns of relating and communicating. It will be a good time to clarify things with others, to check in with them as to what they understand about what you may have said or what plans you have made. 

With the Sun moving into Gemini as well, it will help establish this focus for the next month, smoothing the way for more enjoyable engagement with others. Apart from this level of examination, this will also be a day when machines are prone to breaking down as can be difficult situations which develop quickly and disintegrate just as quickly. There can also be problems with authority figures so engage as little as possible and ‘don’t poke the bear’!

May 23 and 24 will be good days for accomplishing whatever work that needs finishing as your energy, faith and enthusiasm will be heightened. This will wind down towards May 26 when you will be wanting to have a break from the mundane routines. Then from May 27 to the end of the month the energy will be lower and you may feel the need to retreat from life a bit more. Good questions to ask yourself will be: How much self gratification do you allow yourself? And what duties and responsibilities do you owe to others? 

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