About Mark


About Mark

I initially trained as a naturopath, homeopath and astrologer almost three decades ago and later I completed post graduate training in counseling and homeopathy. I have worked in mental health, drug and alcohol, community health centres and prisons as forensic drug and alcohol clinician and counselor. In this capacity I have worked with children, adolescents and adults. More recently I have been working with couples, more specifically with expecting parents, as a conflict resolution coach and facilitator in this very stressful period of their lives. Whilst working for organisations I have always had my own private practice where I have been able to focus upon alternative healing modalities, astrology, counseling and meditation practice. My post graduate training in counseling was focused upon person-centred counseling with more of a reflective approach, empowering my clients to direct their own therapy. As a keen meditator of many years I utilize mindfulness in my sessions.

Whatever the modality you seek when consulting with me, I work in a non judgmental and empathic manner, assisting you to be more accepting of yourself, to be more present in the moment. I will work with you in a way which best suits you and your needs. I am curious about your perspectives on life and the struggles you have. Illuminating such defining features helps to focus treatment upon areas you feel stuck in or stagnant and point to how you can gain more satisfying relationships with others as well as yourself.

I can help you with:



Loss of confidence



Relationship problems

Career dilemmas

Loss of meaning


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