Homeopathy can provide a spark to unlock your own healing potential. Learning to read your healing responses, your symptoms, in a health crisis is a crucial step toward self empowerment and attuning to your rhythms, to what your body is expressing. Part of the homeopathic process is using this knowledge, much like a map, in your healing journey. 

Consultations can be shorter, of an acute nature, when symptoms have come on in the past few days. Or have been around for a long time and so requiring deeper acting remedies. Quite naturally, the longer the symptoms have been around, the longer the healing process will be. Part of the healing process will be addressing your mind-body as a single complex and not separately. How you are emotionally and what symptoms you are experiencing weave a story and lead to remedy selection. What is most sought out in this process is your own individual idiosyncratic nature characterised by your particular likes and dislikes, so essential to the core of who you are.

So the more you can talk about what is going on for you, the better the homeopathic prescription. Better being that it will be more effective, helping to resolve your crisis more quickly. But part of the process also involves understanding what is entrenching your poor health, stopping you from resolving these and this relates to dietary, lifestyle choices and interpersonal relating. 

In the consultation I am wanting to find out what is happening in your life at the moment and what symptoms you are grappling with. What I am looking for is your personal experience of your health crisis in as much personal detail as possible.

I need to know about you as a person which can be an exciting exploration. I also want to know about your medical history, medications as well as your family’s medical history. It sounds like an overwhelming process but I will treat these matters gently with sensitivity. We are complex and have enormous histories, this is true and so coming to a prescription that is tailored to yourself requires a lot of depth.


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