About Counselling

The struggle with life is foundational in assisting our growth. Rather than viewing these as the awkward ways in which we relate to others or never seeming ‘to get it right’ or feeling stuck in pain, anxiety, grief or despair. These sign posts serve us to seek outside of ourselves that which we struggle to actualize. I will encourage you through listening intently in a non judgmental and inquisitive manner. Sometimes we feel we need to just find the right solution and then can escape the pain but in actual fact most of the time we need to listen to ourselves, have a sense of ourselves reflected back to us. To know the discontentment is the precursor to self acceptance. The healing process or self realization you require is unique and requires much nurturing. Our strengths do not nurture us but force us to extend ourselves, it is our limitations which teach us to recognize what it is within ourselves needing take care of. By learning to be more in the moment, more accepting of what is going on around you, becoming more equanimous, helps with making the most of your opportunities at hand, poised ready for what you have before you rather than seeking things beyond reach. This is not about limiting your potentials but recognizing your present strengths and making the most of these.

Whilst focused upon the deeper meanings and your personal evolution underpinning your life, creating stories and enriching our mythologies.

Counselling Sessions

I have been a counsellor and welfare worker for many years supporting families, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly from all walks of life. Supporting, listening and problem solving when people have been in crisis has been the focus of my work, both within organisations in mental health, drug and alcohol, community health, school programmes and nursing homes. More recently I have been coaching and co facilitating in a programme delivering conflict resolution skills to stressed expecting couples.

Private practice has allowed me to work in a more eclectic manner still, tailored though to meet the needs of my clients. My training in counselling has been focused upon a person centred approach. That means, allowing you to direct the sessions, helping you to clarify your struggles and find a new way of looking at your issues. In our sessions together, I work in a gentle manner with unconditional regard and yet am curious about all aspects of your life.

Counselling can help with the following:




Chronic Grief


Relationship Issues

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