Astrology is the study of cycles, patterns of growth. Having an astrology consultation would help you to see these cycles in your own life as everyone has their own individual patterning, never will there be two the same.

Just like the seasons of the year, we have our own personal seasons and so being attuned to these helps us to make the most of our opportunities at hand. Astrology is a wonderful tool for tuning into these cycles of growth and decay. It not only helps us to align with our circumstances but also with our relationships. Questions around career, relationships, finances, personal development, health and family are all areas that can be viewed with an accurate time of birth. It is important to know this within four minutes of accuracy. If unsure of your exact time then chart rectification is another service Mark offers.

Having an astrology consultation is like an in depth guided counseling session where matters resonating with your core are evident along with what hinders and helps your processes. So you do not require numerous sessions as is necessary in counseling to tease this out.

Your individual natal chart will be constructed and explained in the initial consultation along with guidance concerning the following twelve months. Once the initial chart has been studied, updates when needed are easily accessed.


Astrology For All Ages

Whether you are a child struggling with school and relationships, or an adult establishing a new career or in crisis. Or a mature age person and going through life changes and challenges, astrology works brilliantly with everyone. Addressing what it is you individually need to shift your circumstances. It highlights your motivations as well as the influences which prevent you from moving forward in your life.

Astrology For Babies

Natal chart reports for babies and toddlers examine their basic natures, how they interact with others and their environments. Their strengths as well as what they will need a hand with. How they best receive information or what communication style they best respond to, what will enhance this along with their interests, likes and dislikes are evident from their chart.


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