Delineating horoscopes for babies can alleviate many months or years of trying to work out what is going on for your child. Most particularly when they are pre verbal and so cannot tell you what is distressing them and how to best redirect them. It is a skill parents nowadays learn through trial and error as they endure stress and tension of having an upset baby who cannot settle. This I consider to be a primary reason for having their astrology charts done and it will illuminate their traits, likes and dislikes, fears and relating styles along with what will most consume their attentions in the years following. Even toddlers who may have their words will not necessarily be able to articulate what troubles them. 

Apart from trouble shooting, having an astrology consultation for your child can assist them with understanding what goes on in their friendships as well as highlighting their strengths and challenges. In highlighting their challenges, we will be able to see what is the best way to work with this as well. It is not just about pointing out what is wrong but definitely how best to address each of their difficulties. This can make the difference between struggling and settling into school.

Below I have included a sample chart of a newborn so you can get a taste of what to expect:

“You are a practical person, focused upon achieving tangible results and possessing the discipline and the energy to do so. You will take on responsibilities beyond your age with great ease, a pioneer who will not be afraid to take risks for the sake of a good adventure. However, you will balance this with a degree of caution, conserving what you have already gained.

Whilst possessing this daring you will not be reckless with other people’s emotions but sensitive to what it means to have self regard, self worth and if someone is struggling with this you will naturally be attuned to their struggles.

You will struggle with staying still for too long or not having a project to work upon. Your mind will be thinking about the possibilities, also on the lookout for new ways of thinking. You will be open minded and having a Sagittarian Rising you will have the tendency for ‘foot-in-mouth syndrome’, that is, blurting out things you trust are okay but which for some may not be. 

Possessions are important for you, not for the sake of just wanting them but because of what they do, how they help you, what purpose they serve in your life. As such you can be very attached to them, so it is important your mum and dad do not overload you with toys as you will feel as if you have no room to move but also it is important they understand you do not like other people borrowing your things and if they do then they need to return them promptly or when they said they would.

At the same time you are a very charitable person, kind and thoughtful to those less fortunate than yourself. Whilst you have a strong pre occupation with yourself, your issues and your own process, you are definitely a team player and will want the whole team to progress and not just the individuals within it. For this reason you will be a great team captain and team sports will be extremely formative in your development as a person and especially as a vehicle for understanding yourself, what your role is. 

You like to remain understated, hate the limelight and prefer to help without this being publically acknowledged because at heart you are not ego-driven even though some of your friends may think so at times. But this will come from them being jealous of what you can achieve and how active you are. However, as a rule people will love you, your strength, levelheadedness and loyalty. This will later translate as a need for you to work with those less fortunate and it will also give you a sprinkle of wisdom with an appreciation for the shadow side of life, that which is not obvious to us, what we cannot see.

You love your home and you love your food. You live through your senses in such an extraordinary way. At home you are able to dream as you do like your time alone which is surprising as you will be so popular. And at times you will want to be alone when your actions are misunderstood. It is important you be clear with others so they are under no delusion about what you may promise them. This will also play out the other way around. So it is important to check in with others to prevent any confusion. You have a tendency to form an image of yourself of what your friends would like you to be. This is because you are a very sensitive person who wants to be liked and valued but you find it hard to ask for what you want. You need to then be aware that some friends may not have your best interests at heart whereas many other girlfriends you will be attracted to because of how they inspire you.

You have a strong mother who will teach you much about the value of individuality and going for that which inspires you without following what others want you to do. This is an extremely important skill to develop early in life so you can get ahead in life and develop your own path. Your father is your big soft cuddly teddy bear, open hearted to a fault, who teaches you the value of keeping the faith and laughter alive, with seeing the silver lining in everything that may appear dark. Your siblings will be some of your best friends and maybe one day you will go into business with them. Home will be your retreat, where you revive your spirit and where it will be important for you to learn how to relax and lose yourself in play. It cannot be stated more strongly, play is central to everything, to you understanding things and integrating lessons.”