As we approach the halfway mark through the year, the point of opposition between the Sun and Pluto, the examination of our progress, or lack thereof, continues. What I mean by this relates to the internalised tension with how our daily affairs match the yearnings of our deepest needs. Is there an alignment? There is the anticipation of Pluto moving into the altruistic sign of Aquarius, of ridding the destructive drive of humanity as we move into the promised era of peace, compassion and enlightenment. However, the affairs of the world don’t quite match these aspirations and the opening days of this next month reflect this with Chiron in aspect to Jupiter along with a number of other minor aspects.

We have yet to embrace the depth of philosophy, of life understanding, of meaning and purpose to our own existence, required to meet the challenges of our development. This will be a necessary learning to enable us to move forward as a species, in concert with all other species on our planet. And not with regards to our pretentious assumptions of paternalism or guardianship status of this whole planet. In becoming a true explorer, one has to observe and not postulate, as if we possess all the answers with all our sophistication. To do this is to not explore but to encapsulate and possess. We are warned about a certain fixity of attitude and an uncompromising stance when confronted by the need for personal change. Our unconscious attachment to habit is challenged for the benefit of our own growth. This teaches us to value and appreciate the variability of life and adapt accordingly, not the other way around.

Neptune moves retrograde in the final degree of Pisces and so from next year will then be moving into Aries, ushering in the next 165 year cycle of Neptune which began with the utilitarian era. When capitalism seduced science from its objectivity, having won its fight with the Catholic Church over who holds the mantle of knowledge. So for now it is poised, we are poised, almost ready but then again not. When ego catches up and attempts to take ownership of change, the short-sightedness becomes more obvious.

July 3 – 7 will continue this contemplative phase and will be a good time for doing that detailed work which you have been putting off until you could find a quiet space for it. On July 6 we have the New Moon in Cancer, adding to this sense of peace and calm. A good time for focusing upon your home and reflecting on the changes you could make.

July 8 and 9 will be more productive and social, as will July 11 and 12.Venus moves into Leo and opposes Pluto, intensifying relationships on July 12 and 13. The First Quarter Moon falls on July 14. Not a good day to be reactive. Let things land as they do and when the dust settles, everything should make more sense.

Out of the criticism arises the disruptive and accident-prone power of Mars conjunct Uranus which will dominate for the next three days and bring out the reactionary part in everyone. There will be a restlessness in the air intermixed with the contemplative part. You may feel inspired in new directions and this will be supported in the days following, with the Sun sextile to Uranus.

July 20 – 22 may be a bit more confusing but much will offset this by being of help to others or undertaking spiritual practises. July 21 is the Full Moon and will intensify in the evening (AEST) with this occurring over Pluto, along with other significant aspects to Mars and Mercury. The fast-paced tempo continues onto July 22 – 29, initially with Mercury square to Uranus and then with Mars sextile to the Sun over most of this period.

The Sun moves into Leo on July 23 and the Moon’s Third Quarter takes place on July 28. Another period of assimilation with the concluding of this phase of the year with the Sun having travelled across the constellation of Cancer. Where relationships at home have found a new compromise and work upon the home concludes before moving onto the next challenge relating to your relationship with yourself. Mercury moves into Virgo on July 27, marking a good opportunity for two weeks of simplifying your diet and maybe doing a cleanse.

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