This year and particularly the past few months has seen the dominating influence of the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, beginning with the retrograde motions of Saturn and Jupiter. Now in July, Saturn has moved apart, leaving Jupiter and Pluto to form a tight conjunction together along with the recent lunar eclipse, 5th July. Venus comes to the rescue with the crisis of the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction however, albeit briefly though. How this affects us individually will of course vary but will make itself felt nonetheless. Significant change to the structure of your life is occurring with a radical shift in your philosophical outlook. I have heard the expression from many people that life will never be the same again and I believe this to be true from two extents with one being the way we interact with each other and the second being how we perceive things.

The Jupiter – Pluto combination also concerns buried wealth or treasure. The treasure comes from the unconscious influences, from your shadow side, from that which is hidden from view. This can be a powerful time for revelations. It also concerns buried wealth such as that of mining. The other aspect concerns big secrets within the echelons of government and authority. Here though I prefer to contain my observations to those closer to home and that concerns you, personally.

Lastly it is important to talk about the constellation of Capricorn. The area of the cosmos which this constellation abides over is where the three outer planets have been co joined and disrupting our lives. Capricorn is socially oriented, concerned with that which is real, important and acceptable in the world. Efficiency is a top priority as well as being in control, that is, never wanting someone else to control them. Highly responsible and reliable, they play by the rules, once they have established them through experience and thus assign to them an absolute reality. It is a serious sign, finding play a difficult thing to do without there being work attached. So these are the qualities directly affected by the conjunctions and Pluto has been having a disruptive effect upon our social structures and rules for the past twelve years whilst it has been transiting through this constellation.

The impact through the Sun signs:

For ARIES this aspect has directly impacted upon career and whilst you will be proactive in seeking out other opportunities, this is a time to focus upon your creativity and nurture those you love.

For TAURUS this aspect brings with it some individuality as you begin to question what it is you believe or what you previously had faith in but is not working for you now. This time could be a very meaningful one which in turn cements your sense of security.

For GEMINI the shift will come through your shared resources whilst having a secure sense of your own wealth or security. The shift you will be urged to make concerns you softening your approach toward others and the outside world. This will then give you insights into what you need to be doing to align yourself to your future aspirations or career.

For CANCER the epidemic will directly impact your relationships. Your way of relating will be forced to change with a need to align with those who share similarities in thinking or ideals. This will help your future career prospects or the general direction of where your life is headed.

For LEO this is not a time for your pride to shine. The impact of the lockdown directly effects your employment whilst providing opportunities to shift your focus upon future career moves. The inspiration for this will involve further training or tertiary education.

For VIRGO there is a similar impact with your workplace shutting down and becoming more reliant upon your partner who continues to bring in some income. A focus upon creativity will alleviate your stress and bring with it much insight and rewards.

For LIBRA there appears to be no such hindrance as your career prospers at this time whilst this does not seem to be the case with your partner. Take care not to overwork as you could potentially burn yourself out, working too much overtime and neglecting yourself. Focus upon simple pleasures to alleviate the pressures on the home front.

For SCORPIO the loss of employment has caused a lot of stress and tension in the home, threatening to tear this apart. The only way to avoid this will entail honest conversation, lowering your defenses and talking more openly. See this as an opportunity to get comfortable with vulnerability and talk about your feelings.

For SAGITTARIUS the sudden loss of your work could connect you with other possibilities. The restriction to your freedom of movement will provide you with opportunities to get closer with your partner or else discover love closer to home than you thought would be possible.

For CAPRICORN the current situation has threatened your earning potential, forcing you to relinquish your pride regarding self sufficiency and be more reliant upon your partner. However, the upside will be the opening of other avenues of employment. You will have to though suspend your disbelief that this possibility could provide you with the security you feel you need.

For AQUARIUS the loss of work has caused immense disturbance to you on an unconscious level. It is really important you seek out help as you need to be kind to yourself at this time and learn to talk more openly about your wounding. Seek out a counsellor as this will be a good time for exploring and understanding more about your unconscious sabotage, your shadow side.

For PISCES the lockdown has threatened your security as you feel the burden of society and the impact of the epidemic upon your tribe. At this time you have much to offer, providing refuge to some and helping others to alleviate their burdens with your compassionate words and actions.

If you don’t identify with the above circumstances then look to your rising sign and this may be more apt. If you do not know your rising sign then contact Mark Lambrick at Wholistic Health Macedon Ranges to have your natal chart delineated.