Once again this month begins with a full moon and this time in Aries, highlighting the general feisty vibe we are witnessing around the world with deep resentment and disenchantment. On the 4th of this month Pluto turns direct from retrograde, having been so since April, and now revisiting the old wounds of December/January from a different perspective. The bushfires in Australia were a potent reminder for people of the priorities of our leaders at the time. Now immersed in lockdown in Victoria still whilst other states have opened up paints a picture of our powerlessness in the face of nature and paternalism within our society.

Mars continues with its retrograde motion for the whole of this month continuing to evoke our discontentments which will explode, during the week beginning Monday the 12th, into action. There will be an overwhelming urge to respond to what has been simmering under the surface and actualise our crisis in consciousness.

Then comes Mercury retrograde for the second half of the month, in Scorpio and the last degrees of Libra. A hold on committing to major projects or signing contracts is the usual advice during this time and to allow this time for rethinking and creating. The intensity or urge to act will come on the 25th but once again hold off for another ten days or so when Mercury does move forward and life circumstances and activity kicks off in a major fashion. Being in a water sign it is a time for rethinking old habit patterns, ways of responding, set off when our insecurities arise and anxieties can set in. 

In this reflective period take careful note of your dreams and if so inclined maybe keep a journal and take time out at the end of each day for deeper reflection upon your quality of life and what is most important for you. The crises of this year has forced a path of self reflection where what is most important for us needs to be addressed by each one of us so then we can move forward in a vastly different manner. This Mercury retrograde provides such an opportunity.

What it means for you:


This month sees you needing to rely upon your own resources. You may feel more threatened than normal by competition but know this comes from you feeling vulnerable at the moment and more open to attack. Maybe your parents gave you the understanding you should consider them first in any undertaking and so forging your own path has been compromised. You feel stuck in your way of reacting and this month may provide some challenges so you can begin to understand why you respond as you do.


You have put a lot of effort into your work but feel this goes unrecognised. This time you need to speak up for yourself. But be open and accepting of challenges around your beliefs as timely insights or comments you receive from others may serve as an inspiration to change some of these fixed thinking patterns.


Self doubt fuels your insecurities but be careful of that old habit pattern of fixing this by retreating into yourself. If you take the action of accepting help from others you will be surprised how much you can change this pattern of self reliance and stuckness. 


That old pattern of self reliance is challenged when you don’t feel you have made the connections necessary to forge your path ahead. Trapped in treating things always so seriously, yet you admire those who appear free and want this desperately for yourself. Connect then with these people and seek to emulate them by learning more about what makes them tick and therefore understanding yourself better and your childhood conditioning.


The need to compete to get ahead is very entrenched as is the entrapment of feeling obligated to forego what you want to achieve. This is now truer than ever before with the current lockdown, having impacted significantly in your own circumstances. Whilst you have been able to rise to any challenge in the past, doing so now proves difficult as it will be hard to stabilise your position. Letting down your guard will help you connect with others and prevent you from feeling so isolated.


Whilst you have some great ideas, your meagre resources challenge your capacity to get ahead and start planning for the future. It is important to admit to yourself you are more concerned about  how you are going to create a comfortable future than you care to acknowledge. Try to focus more upon connecting with others and this will inadvertently help ensure some protection for your dreams.


Recognising your humanity will help you connect with others, to have those valuable conversations which can illuminate your future plans and not necessarily restrict them. This habit of maintaining your individuality through privacy comes from pride and not from insecurity.


The task for now is to embrace your duties and responsibilities even though they may be onerous. Avoiding them out of the resentment of feeling obligated or wanting to please may cause more serious problems or setbacks in the future. Perseverance combined with careful preparation will ensure your future security and stability.


Learning to live with other people’s values without destroying your own sense of individuality is a major theme this month. The restricted sense of freedom you experience is driven by your lack of self determination. Your reliance upon your partner’s income stream will be tested when this gets cut off and your are forced to stand upon your on two feet.


Your abilities are tested through confrontations with others. The better you understand yours and their expectations, the more fulfilling and productive these relationships will be. But the expectations of others may feel restrictive, creating a need to rebel and identify with more like-minded others.


Your need for freedom to chose is restricted by your sense of duty, what constitutes right action and a burning need to please. It will prove valuable to seek out others who understand and give voice to your ideals as discussing these things will help you resolve your struggles.


The obligations of your children may weigh heavily upon you this month, building the resentment the more you feel you cannot achieve what you want. However, examine what it is you seek because you may confuse yourself about this if not closely looked at. Speak to someone you admire and this may prevent the build up of tensions. In the other case scenario, beware of love affairs driven by strong compulsions or the promise of furthering your career prospects. You would do well to seek out some counselling around this before making any commitments.

Remember if you have difficulty understanding the message from your Sun sign then look to your Rising sign or book in a more detailed and accurate understanding of yourself and your life at the moment. Just follow the links to book in an astrology reading with myself.