There are few but a couple of strong associations between homeopathy and astrology. One which is the same for any form of medicine is of the timing of treatment and the preparation of medicines or remedies. This involves much in depth understanding of both astrology and the healing modality used.

A further use is with the more popular and understandable use of tissue salts. Just as there are twelve signs of the zodiac, there are also twelve tissue salts. The correlation between them is based upon which tissues are involved. 

KALI PHOS – ruled by Aries, this salt has a focus upon the nervous system. It accentuates the development of ‘grey matter’ or cortical neurones in the brain. So it is useful in such conditions as fatigue, depression, insomnia, hysteria and headache. It is also healing and antiseptic and so finds great use in skin conditions characterised by burning and irritation.

NAT SULPH – ruled by Taurus, this salt helps with the elimination of excess fluid in the body and so aids kidney function and assist with the elimination of kidney stones as well as gall stones. It finds great use in digestion primarily in its role in the production of bile and pancreatic enzymes and so in jaundice and constipation.

KALI MUR – ruled by Gemini, this salt assists with the utilisation of nutrients from food and helps cells retain their form. It also relieves inflammation and irritation in the lungs assisting with colds, hayfever, sore throats, measles, chicken pox and scarlet fever. It also helps with dry and scaling skin and so can be helpful for dandruff and psoriasis.

CALC FLOUR – ruled by Cancer, it is an important constituent in teeth, bones, fingernails, the lens of the eye and the elastic fibres in muscle tissue. Also useful for cracks and fissures in the folds of the skin. For haemorrhoids, varicose veins, receding gums, loose teeth, cataracts and blurred vision, the hardening of the arteries and in valvular heart disease, and in preparation for childbirth.

MAG PHOS – ruled by Leo, it is associated with the motor and sensory nerves and so is useful for pain, headache, migraines, nervous tension, spasms and nervous constipation.

KALI SULPH – ruled by Virgo, it is associated with the production and distribution of oils in the skin and the hair and carries oxygen to the skin. It is useful in a number of skin conditions including acne, dandruff, lacklustre hair and skin as well as alopecia.

NAT PHOS – ruled by Libra, it maintains the acid-base balance in the body and so assists with kidney functioning and the condition of the blood. Useful for gout, kidney stones, tired muscles, ulcers and stomach acidity.

CALC SULPH – ruled by Scorpio, it is associated with the connective tissue and so essential in all healing processes and has a purifying action upon the body. It is important for stomach functioning as well as for reproductive issues, strongly associated with the ovaries, testes and prostate.

SILICA – ruled by Sagittarius, it is strongly associated with the bones, fingernails and hair. It helps with the resolution of scar tissue, keeps the pores of the skin open, repair brittle nails, degeneration of the lens of the eye and prevent tooth decay.

CALC PHOS – ruled by Capricorn, it is the major constituent of bone tissue. Apart from broken and malformation of the bones with rickets, curvature of the spine and tooth decay. Also for rheumatism, arthritis and swollen joints. It is also important for the digestive enzymes and proper absorption of food.

NAT MUR – ruled by Aquarius, it is the most important constituent for fluid balance. It is useful in oedema, dryness, constipation, blisters, eczema, sunburn and slow healing insect bites. It is also useful for insomnia and fatigue.

FERRUM PHOS – ruled by Pisces, it is important in the making of the other tissue salts and so is essential to be included in every prescription. It is necessary for making red blood cells and so useful in anaemia and fighting off infection. It treats many afflictions calling for increased oxygenation of the tissues and to augment healing.