The issues in your life continue to evolve as your orientation to the struggles you experience change as well. Underlying concerns show themselves more clearly as you change tact, navigating new ways to achieve your goals. And whenever these are sabotaged, you may need to ask yourself: Has this been driven by an unconscious need to fit in, to be accepted or have I chosen to follow my path from an innermost yearning, despite what others think?


On the public level, there appears to be growing intolerance to the blatant abuses and general disregard of politicians for public opinion. People are becoming more vocal, demanding these figures to be more accountable, to demonstrate the values of the communities they are supposed to represent.


On both the personal and public level, dissatisfaction is rising, becoming more conscious, as the Sun comes to its first quarter after transiting away from Pluto and Saturn. The general public disapproval will increase to the end of this month before becoming more personalized, directing each of us to examine what we can do privately to champion what’s important to our personal evolution. At this point Pluto begins moving retrograde for another five months as it does each year. The focus over these months are directed towards your individualized evolutionary needs, influenced by the challenges you face regarding your preconceived understandings and beliefs when your reality may not appear to support this.


On the 4thof April Mercury moves into Aries accentuating a quick, impulsive mental restlessness. Arguments are more likely to disturb the general harmony and so take care with your assumptions. It then moves into Taurus on the 19th, grounding your communication, slowing it down, becoming more considered with what you say. Venus moves into Taurus on the 15th bringing more warmth into your interactions, supported further by the Sun moving into Taurus on the 20th slowing you down, allowing you to focus more upon your need for comfort and security. Then Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd, with more attention and energy directed towards the home front. With Mars in Cancer, there is a tendency to be less expressive, to hold onto things more and so in the process you may find yourself becoming more irritable about things rather than address these directly and conflict with family could become more prominent. The full Moon in Scorpio occurs on the 27th, just a day prior to Pluto moving retrograde, along with Uranus conjunct Sun. Upsets and impulsiveness mark this time, setting a rebellious tone, although short lived and fairly contained.


Through the Signs:



This is not an assertive or strengthening period for you but one in which you experience more confusion than normal and misunderstood. The best course of action will be to lower your guard and accept help.


You experience much restlessness and neediness at this time. Beware of misreading what your friends may be offering. Withdrawing from your demands and just having time out for yourself may prove to be the best course of action.


Helping friends in need is where you will find much strength and purpose at this time.


During this period finding purpose can be difficult, lost in confusion and idealism. So if feeling this then better to ride it out without pushing things or asserting your needs. For your time will come soon.


You may benefit from seeking out a mentor, to highlight the blindspots in your understanding so you can better grasp how you sabotage your relationships.


Your interpersonal difficulties, especially with those you don’t freely chose to associate with, will nevertheless force you to grow and change.


The crises and difficulties you experience in relationship does help to ground how you express yourself. So you can better achieve what you desire.


At this time you may find yourself in circumstances you cannot control, opening up deep wounds. Or there may be concerns for your child who you struggle to understand. Reflecting upon how your parents assisted your growth and independence may provide good insights for you.


Dating at this time may prove tricky as you may attract wounded partners who lack a certain self reliance. However, if you are already in an established relationship then this will continue to provide strength and certainty. Your creative expression is also heightened at this time, tapping into your own weaknesses, giving you greater understanding.


You have much to give your family at this time who need your help. Dig deep and be charitable.


Dare yourself to speak your truth as you possess the groundedness, sensitivity and insight to do so.


If feeling insecure, surrender to this and withdraw, seeking solace at home. You will gain insights by understanding this is the condition of the time and there is little you can do to avoid this.


Of course, if this does not make sense for you, try using your ascendant sign or book an appointment with myself to get an accurate reading.