August looks to be a fairly low key month in many regards which you are no doubt relieved to hear. The beginning of this month you will experience loneliness and isolation but only temporarily for a day or two. Then New Moon in Leo will be on August 9 and bring with it the start of a new monthly cycle for you. One in which you begin to focus upon what it is you need to feel better about yourself. Then the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22 will see a lot of personal growth and discovery with Mars trine to Uranus. This will give to the courage to break free from constricting circumstances or obligations which are no longer serving you. Especially now important prior to the testing which will come in September. On August 20, Uranus goes retrograde and with this then all the outer planets will once again be in retrograde motion as the Sun moves to its opposition point from the cluster of them. With Uranus retrograde you are once again reacquainted with a part of yourself you have been disconnected from since mid January 2021. This is an awakening of imperfection as sitting okay with you. Of the futility of insecurity. It helps you to let go of your own ego and listen to your higher self. Then on August 30 Mercury moves into Libra.


Through the houses:


Your obligations to others will help you to shine. It will make you feel better about yourself.


You on the other hand are challenged to think more about yourself. To face your wounding of not valuing yourself. As obligations will otherwise leave you feeling resentful.


You do not feel good about yourself and to remedy this you need to reach out to friends at this time.


Your ambitions to get ahead will be initially thwarted but give it three weeks and things will begin to turn around for you.


You are just a powerhouse at the moment. Unstoppable with a great deal of clarity!


What are things worth to you if they cannot be shared? Take a closer look at the meaning of profit and gain in your life. What is loss really?


Self sacrifice brings clarity around what it is you really value. How this bolsters your sense of security.


While you strive to find freedom in your speech, you will feel the weight of obligation and know this is necessary as you are dependent upon others.


 It is a good time for you to lay low and accept that you are influenced by others just as much as you influence them.


Your compulsion to act will be stifled as this month begins and so stay close to home where you feel you can be yourself. Then in three weeks time you can make your influence better felt out in the world.


You possess the qualities now to speak your truth and just know this will be felt and accepted widely. It will help you find your tribe.


Sacrifice at this time is important as it will give to a greater sensitivity towards understanding yourself.

Remember if you have difficulty understanding the message from your Sun sign then look to your Rising sign or book in a more detailed and accurate understanding of yourself and your life at the moment. Just follow the links to book in an astrology reading with myself.