The beginning of December sees Neptune go direct. In its annular journey it has been retrograde since the end of June and sensitivities and the urge for self change has been brewing. So now there awakens an anticipation that something will happen but as is the case with the energies of Neptune, this will evade you. However, it is a reactive phase and as Neptune is entering the last decanate of Pisces, the urgency for self transformation turns up a notch. This last decanate is ruled by Mars in Scorpio. Again not a reactive Mars but one nonetheless fearless in its pursuit of self transformation. The period between now and January 2026 will prove to be a disruptive time for those living unconsciously.


But for the time being disappointments will run high and so take a care to not have yourself become a victim or a martyr with expectations that others will turn around and see things more clearly. With your increased sensitivity and compassion, you can be easily hurt by the habit patterns of others. So this is a call to become more conscious of your own habit patterns. This is a deeply creative time and pursuing such urges will bring much reward and alleviate your distresses on the social side of life.


Neptune goes direct on 4 December just as we have a solar eclipse marking the end of the recent ecliptic phase where meaning took a new depth. This next month as well marks a time of deepening our own personal meaning. On 6 December we have Mars sextile Pluto making this a good time to forge your plans if your goals are clear. This can be a cooperative phase with others and your goals can now be more permanent and far reaching than what has been possible up till now. Mars is very prominent this month and so this idea around goal setting for the next year can prove very valuable. The first quarter of the Moon comes on 11 December building this momentum as you tackle the world and this is also a time for big ideas as well as restlessness if you are not satisfied with how things are.


On 19 December Venus then goes retrograde with the Full Moon in Gemini, bringing about an urge to go deeper with things as you will have a greater distaste of superficiality. It will be a lot easier to mix with like-minded others rather than skirt around issues in an effort to maintain harmony. Then the last third of December focuses more intently upon these issues than earlier.


Through the signs:



This is your time to shine! You begin to feel a renewed sensitivity to what’s happening within your home and with your children and how to fix it. Obligations will not be appreciated while you have been trying to change your habit of looking after everyone else and yourself last.


Your ‘salt of the earth’ and pragmatic way of seeing the world helps you to justify your responses when dealing with others. But playing the victim is not an endearing position to be stuck in. Be more mindful of how you give your power away, the fears you have around this and your inability to ask for what you need. You are becoming more sensitive to how you respond and so start honouring this.


Thinking of yourself last has been your trap for a long time. You have tended to justify this by believing your needs are then met as well when the real feeling is you automatically subordinate yourself. There is an urgency to change this and to create more freedom within your home life.


Awash at sea, tossed from one wave to the next, negotiating in good faith but really having no sense of control. While on one level this is comfortable, on another it compromises your ideals. This speaks to your fear of not being good enough or deserving of better treatment. It is time for consciousness raising, to name this way of relating and seek clarity about how it serves you or not.


You are able to navigate such depths at this time so make room for this. Connecting with like-minded others will help ground this work and make your discoveries an integral part of your life.


There is a strong neediness at this time. But do not fight it. Instead sit with it, gain clarity and so tune in to what it is you really need.


This is an insightful time for reading and writing. But also attend to your obligations as these connections will help you move forward more easily.


Your relationships at present are unusually intense but this is you creating this. The mixed bag of obligations versus the desire to escape from everyday life plagues you. It is important to listen to what you need or you do harm to yourself and others.


Beware of speculation with the promise of good returns. The problem is you may get talked into this, feel compelled by the pitch of friendship and trust but behind this is the old problem of self sabotage.


Now is a good time to get things done around the home. All those old projects you have been putting off for years will now bring much needed relief.


This is a good month for you to help others, the disadvantaged within your community, whatever is close to home. You will gain immense satisfaction and it will help to anchor you.


You may get swept off your feet with a chance encounter, a possible romance, which feels very right. Enjoy yourself and let the dust settle before making any commitments. Otherwise this is a very active and creative time with your children and around the home.


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