April begins with a unique patterning and symmetry in the heavens. All the planets and luminaries, Sun and Moon, form a tight bundle of about 104 degrees, a wide biseptile which is approximately 103 degrees. This angle is a part of the 7 series in numerology and represents another turning point in the drama of the past two years. Where searching deeply for answers consumes our thought processes. The midpoint of this bundle is Jupiter with it highlighting a theme of powerful attachments to friends. Relationships are important at this time. And so we look to the midpoint opposite Jupiter which is where the bundle is attempting expression. This provides a second underlying theme with the Sabian image of a ‘royal coat of arms’. This meaning that long ago the masters of our society formulated an approach to commerce and everyday life which agreed with people in practical ways. And so helped to make sense and regulate life through the observance of these materialistic values they instigated. The upside to this is greater cohesion within society. But the downside can lead to subtle exploitation with this system actually preventing individuals from truly getting ahead and achieving their potential. Especially from a spiritual perspective.

Since the beginning of the year, the outer planets have been moving direct, meaning a more outward expression of these deeper underlying drives. We now begin to enter the nine month period of the year when one by one these planets begin to turn retrograde, internalising the planetary expressions. The Sun’s position in relation to Earth causes this effect. The Sun representing consciousness, cycles us through the seasons of our psyches. It is the dance of life, one step forward two steps backward. The conscious forces interplay with the more unconscious forces, teasing these out to enable their conscious recognition and integration.

The first to do this begins in April with Pluto slowing down, grinding to a halt towards the end of the month before turning retrograde. Deep drives and urges begin to surface, bringing chaos and confusion or revelation and consolidation, depending upon your personal circumstances. As the boundary between the conscious and unconscious mind becomes blurred, the more material seeps its way into conscious awareness, bringing change. Things not previously entertained become part of your thinking processes as well as the way you operate in the world. 

Confusion and introspection can be accompanied by a deep malaise with an inability to draw upon your energy reserves. You may feel the urge to suddenly withdraw, particularly if a situation you are facing has some threatening features about it. The release from this tension will help to re-orient yourself and renegotiate space from these pressing matters which demand much of you.

Also your tolerance, more balanced at the beginning of this month, begins to fray whenever you witness abuses of authority. You may take risks at this time where you would not have done so in the past. Some of this is spurred on by your dawning realisations augmented by a heightened sensitivity.

The month begins with the New Moon in Aries. A new cycle with this lunar month expressing the various learnings of the Aries cycle, the beginning of the zodiac year. Also at this time, Saturn midpoints Venus and Mars in a tight cluster. The threat of influencing and being influenced simmers underneath. There is a seriousness to your interactions with others, along with a subdued tone, at this time. On 5 April Mars conjuncts Saturn while Venus enters Pisces, increasing the restraint or strained tensions simmering underneath to guard that tender sensitivity. While it is not advisable to challenge or thwart someone’s plans, as this will be met with resistance or anger, focus upon yourself. See your personal goals as the focus at this time and this will bring great satisfaction as Saturn also conjuncts the star, Nashira, which brings good fortune. And so will then set the pace for the days following this, 7 and 8 April, with a more productive spin than what you could have otherwise wished for. 

Opposition and resistance is once again met on 10 April with the Moon opposing Pluto, Mercury square Pluto and the first quarter of the Moon complete. The frustrations you experience will only serve to isolate you if feeling victimised or apportioning blame upon others. Feel your own resistance and focus upon what is going on for you. What others think of you is none of your business. The following week epitomises this internal struggle finishing with the flashpoint of the Libra Full Moon on 16 April. At this time, between 12 and 17 April, the Moon opposes the tight bundle of planets as well. This allows for the expression of this tight and insular containment.

The second half of the lunar cycle tries to integrate the struggles met in the first half with your expressions of individuality or breaking free from some constricting identity and starting something new. There is a desire for demonstrating to others what you have learnt through this process. There is an urge to build upon the old with your new realisations and then ground these through your interactions with others. Then 23 April, the third lunar quarter, ushers the next crisis of the lunar month. The process of sharing the meaning you have discovered is met with acceptance or rejection. This helps the process of further assimilation and refinement as the understandings of the cycle have been internalised. Relationships change and the new transcendent goal becomes more articulated. With its integration comes the seed of the next cycle beginning on 30 April when Pluto turns retrograde.

Through the zodiac:


The focus for you is clearly upon yourself with how you meet the world. Where your value system is challenged by how you have sought to get ahead in the past. Now you have the opportunity to see more clearly how this has lead to some unintended outcomes.


This is a time of preparation for what lies ahead. Forcing your point of view or achieving your goals will not earn you any favours. It will actually work against you. Do the internal work. Engage in plenty of self reflection and development.


If you can see the ways in which you undermine yourself then you will gain a better insight into a new value system which agrees with your shifting ideals.


While you are great at nurturing others, the focus now is firmly upon your public impact. Think about what it is you are attempting to achieve and see if this aligns with your changed value system.


Relationship provides the greatest of challenges for you and now this is emphasised. In giving back you will gain a greater vision of what is most important in your life.


With conformity being a reflex response, you find it tricky to acknowledge your own omnipotence. Yes you are powerful. Can you acknowledge this?


Relationships of course form the core of what is important and at this time they are the centrepiece of your struggle. Are you giving truly, unconditionally, or is this motivated by a neediness. Look closely and challenge your underlying assumptions in order to deeply connect.


Strong feelings of obligation can be suffocating. But are these real or imagined? Take a closer look and once you see what is actually going on then you can connect without these feelings dominating. Instead you will be able to see you have instead a deep seated need to be close and connect.


If feeling stifled by obligation then understand what lies behind this is a powerful neediness. You are not as free as you would like to think you are. Your responses are conditioned and this helps to ground you. It creates the connection you yearn for.


What lies behind your drive to get ahead is how you appear to others and how you feel about yourself. No matter how much you deny this! Now this focus is more overwhelming than it has been before. It simmers, or boils, underneath. This is because you do not understand yourself as well as you think. But now there is an opportunity to change all of this as revelations dawn upon you.


You are powerful! Accept your birthright, and the responsibility which goes with this. Then you will truly be free to create the community around you that you require without the burden of obligation.


This is a transitional building phase for you where your values are stripped and reformed. Your needs challenged and changed. Look for the victim/martyr/saviour complex which may simmer underneath your assumptions. If your find this then challenge it, for it stifles your progress.

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