This month began with Mars in Cancer trine to Saturn in Pisces with the theme of how to hold, support and protect others during this next saturnine phase of the two and a half years before Saturn then moves into Aries. There is a patience and willingness to do difficult and exacting work with a contained and focused energy over this month. One which probes deeply, so understanding your own perspective and responses more clearly while nurturing others will come more naturally. 

With Mars conjunct the fixed star Propus, we put our best foot forward and act from an idealistic sense. And then with Saturn moving into a close conjunction with the fixed star Anchaa, we are more able to see beyond the current crisis towards a larger perspective and thus letting go more easily and so allowing the transformative processes to flow. Difficulties are more looked upon as a source of strength and as a glimpse of our new beginnings. There is also the arisal of strong leadership out of the more general chaos at play in the world.

Mercury moves into Taurus on April 3, bringing into focus for the month what is most important for you. Is it material, intellectual or spiritual connection with others? Being square to Pluto, sharpens and intensifies your mind, disrupting sleep and sparking opposition as your appraisal of values are questioned. The Moon then trine to Uranus just adds to your restless state and again does not help you settle. Mercury plays out significantly this month as it goes retrograde on April 21 but more about this later.

On April 4 we find ourselves being unusually sensitive, intuitive as well as confused. Take care with medications and substances as you will be more sensitive than usual. There is something about receiving information about your past or about your family which places things in perspective and so helps with your planning on April 5.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 6 heightens your energy and enables you to express yourself with more forcefulness than usual as the tension mounts between personal needs and duties. This helps you actualise what it is you need to become in order to help support and nurture those closest to you. April 7 continues this theme before softening with the aspect of Venus trine to Neptune. So this will be a good time to get creative, do something romantic or just spend time with someone whose company you enjoy.

April 8 brings a lot of restless soul searching as you feel compelled to speak your mind. There is a potential for sudden upsets as you don’t do well with restrictions being placed upon you. But you feel driven to be taken out of your comfort zone. By the end of the day you will feel taxed and so then need indulge in lazy and self-soothing pursuits. Upon recuperating, on April 9, you may believe you should get everything you want. This is driven by the arousal of deep feelings which leave you feeling out of touch and misunderstood.

Then April 11 helps lift the energy with feelings of warmth and generosity as the Moon trines Jupiter. Then Venus moves into Gemini for the month with relating on the level of everyday living and connecting with each other becoming more needed. Venus also forms a trine to Pluto bringing an intense surge of relating and creativity. But this may get misunderstood, leaving you feeling disappointed and needing to take some time out, away from everyone. Take care with medications and substances as you will be more sensitive than usual.

April 12 brings slow deliberation while you may also feel ready to take some risks if financially secure. There is a good balance between your feelings and thinking today while also desiring strong emotional contact with others.

On April 13, while feeling benevolent and positive, there comes the Last Quarter of this solar cycle with much need for stimulation. Your inner turmoil with working at cross purposes to yourself will drive your compulsions. This later evolves into heightened sensitivity towards how others are travelling. It is also a time of daydreaming along with the increased sympathy and compassion. You may feel more open to insights heightening your awareness of the hidden or occult aspects of life. This intensity builds, overwhelming your sense of perspective.

April 14 is more lazy and overindulgent, driven by the need for more pleasant feelings as you are oversensitive. A good time for creative outlets as feelings of disconnection and isolation build with an increasing sense of uncertainty in some of your relationships. In your dissatisfied state you need time out to reflect upon your role in the inadequacies you experience in your relationships. It is a difficult time to talk through these issues as your emotions overwhelm any common sense. Your only protection will be direct honesty with the knowledge that you are tapping into something requiring an emotional readjustment and that is why you cannot remove it from your thoughts.

April 15 has a restless energy about it. While blunt in expression, it is also a good day for celebrations and acts of generosity. April 16 is then more subdued while still connecting well with others, feeling affectionate and sentimental and needing the outlet of indulging in the delights of food and drink. This is balanced though with a strength and confidence to initiate something today and possessing the capacity to actualise, write and talk about what this is.

April 17 lifts the excitement and the need for freedom of expression as well as excitement before the dissent into chaos after soaking up the negativity around you. Take care with medications and substances as you will be more sensitive than usual. April 18 arouses deep feelings with the need to be close to family and friends but take care with any impulsive actions later on as they will not end well.

April 19 sees you speaking your mind more and needing to be more philosophical, rising above the petty issues in your life. This is driven by the closure of the solar month of Aries moving into the more contained energy pattern of Taurus from April 20. 

April 20 also marks a good day for self reflection with a great sense of being thorough and devoted to working out issues. There is also a compelling need for being alone today, to oppose powerful and extreme pressures which highlight what areas you need to rethink and adjust your responses. This is also a day when you can come to loggerheads with authority figures or have to contend with the breakdown of machinery or situations which did seem stable. So things that do work well will be very pleasing, more so than usual. 

April 21 begins the Mercury retrograde but is initially aggravated by your compulsion to push forward with the urgency to get things done before this next period of standstill. This period will call upon you to become more organised and effective in your aimed for endeavours. As usual, during this period, do not move, quit your job, travel, emigrate or spend a lot of money.

April 22 will be a good day for taking time out and getting in touch with the hidden and occult aspects of life. A good time for prayer, reflection and dreaming. Don’t think about acting upon any inklings that arise though.

April 23 will then be more social than usual with the compulsion for retail therapy. April 24 will be very busy and continues the extroverted theme with a heightening of your mental faculties, confidently initiating and taking command of opportunities arising. Take care though, as you will also be highly sensitive to medications and all substances.

April 25 will be a good day for more disciplined work, completing tasks on your mind as well as reflecting more constructively on serious matters. This will be an appropriate time for seeking out the guidance of someone you hold as wise as you will be able to articulate more clearly your difficulties.

April 26 finds you feeling wilful and restless with a great need for excitement and overindulgence. Emotional conflicts then erupt on April 27 with intense encounters as you battle with your inner turmoil with overwhelming feelings of your security being threatened. The readjustments then occur on April 28 with the result of needing to connect with family and friends.

April 29 will seem more positive with the need for adventure to offset your restlessness and impatience today. You will be more open to original thinking and it is a good time to seek out interesting friendships and encounters. April 30 can be disruptive, driven by the necessity to be more innovative and your thinking today will be more balanced, in line with your emotions.

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