This month begins abruptly with the full Moon in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus, particularly impacting all the Fixed signs. There still remains of course the ever present loose conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which continues to wreak havoc with the ultimate breakdown of our birthrights and expectations. Society as we have known it will not be the same again with a new order commencing from mid to late December this year. For now, this month sees Mars square to these three planets over the month, beginning with Jupiter followed by Pluto mid month and Saturn towards the end. What is important continues to dominate our thoughts whilst we will feel compelled to act more forcefully, be more assertive, to speak up even at the cost of rupturing already tense relationships in the name of idealism and doing the right thing. Because you know what is right. Don’t you?


Through the signs:


Whilst you find it difficult to accept advice about how to work or stay healthy, just remember it is important to slow down or you may find yourself in difficulty.


This month you need to resist the urge to overindulge in pleasures as this will impact upon your ability to get ahead in terms of career or finances.


Your partner may insist upon you putting them first, bringing disruption and conflict to the home. However, your tact will play well here in helping to mitigate any problems.


This month could prove disruptive to some of you at the beginning with the full Moon square to Uranus when forces beyond your control have the final say in matters. Self criticism will impact upon your feeling able to express your ideas. It is important you seek out the right people who you can trust to reflect honestly, to give you this assurance.


It is important to conserve your money so that you have enough to carry out your future plans as hasty action will quickly deplete your resources and that loan you were depending upon may not follow through.


Take care to be honest as to whether you are attempting to live up to your parents’ expectations or following what you need to do for yourself. The chances are you will be the one to lose out if you follow their advice.


Becoming better informed before speaking rashly will help maintain the peace and not put anyone else on the back foot. For the chances are you do believe you are right but what you really want is to work together with someone else and not isolate yourself.


You will have to forego your personal pleasures if you want to secure your future goals of financial independence.


If you react to the imposition of rules then expect some loss of your own independence. You are proud and rightly so but do not need to fear the loss of this in abiding by society’s expectations.


You may have a lot of good ideas but if you do not get the proper training to harness these, you will struggle to succeed. Motivation at this time will be at a low ebb, thus compelling you to take the easy way out but this will not work. So if you are struggling then reach out to family and friends.


Your strong ideals at this time need to be balanced against the needs of your partner. Don’t take your relationship for granted.  If you find your independence compromised then talk to someone about this to gain a realistic perspective.


Your relentless pursuit of career will cause problems in your relationship so make sure you balance this out so you are not just focusing upon your own needs as this will only alienate you. Take care with aggressively pursuing your ambitions as this will cause animosity with others at work.


Remember, if this does not apply for you, then take a look at your Rising Sign as this may be more appropriate. As always, getting your natal chart properly delineated will provide an analysis and forecasting specific for you.