This month calls for a personal revolution with Uranus featuring strongly and backed up by the transits of the other planets. It begins with a restless searching energy as Mars conjuncts Uranus over the North Node in Taurus. The new cycle of the annular unfolding of internalized growth of ourselves commenced with the New Moon at the end of July.


This next cycle in Leo concerns the development of a new sense of self, a new relationship with ourselves, one where we begin to interact differently with those around us and to our circumstances. This willful and restless energy of the beginning of the month augments this process by creating a crisis in the initial stages to bring on the soul searching on August 5 with the First Quarter Moon complete.


On August 9 with Venus opposing Pluto, tension and conflict arise in existing relationships as deeper issues surface which until now have only been tolerated. While old outworn relationships dissolve, new ones begin. On August 11 the Sun squares Uranus with unexpected disruptions, conflict and accidents forecasted. This marks another day of restlessness with an urge for freedom and reckless impulsive behaviour. So be careful with how you express yourself.


With Venus moving into Leo, creativity is heightened and this is nurtured by Mars sextile Neptune with its potential for increased sensitivity of expression. It also speaks to heightened spiritual aspirations but also brings less energy than usual. So therefore take some time out to relax, not overextend yourself and beware of overindulging. As it is easy to run yourself down and then be susceptible to infections which increase at this time.


The Full Moon on August 12 brings to fruition the newly awakened sense of self shaped by the challenges encountered in the waxing phase. However, the checks and balances step in from August 14 with the Sun opposing Saturn and Mars trining Pluto. These sets of pairings complement this Full Moon phase with the need to include others in the reshaping of this new self. In consolidating the changes of self you wish to achieve, your impact upon others must be a part of this. Balancing your own needs with those of others is vital as to not do this will sow the seeds of your own undoing on September 10 and more completely on May 21 2023. Now provides a great opportunity for you to understand your motivations better and adjust your way of working and so giving birth to the new you. For now your ambitions are stimulated in subtle ways to allow for long range planning.


On August 18 with Venus trine to Jupiter things begin to relax, allowing you to let your hair down for the day. This is a very contented transit and so make the most of it and do something special. If so inclined, it is also a good day for financial undertakings but otherwise being social or going out on a date will make for a great occasion. Take care with overindulgence though as the transit is very optimistic and laid back.


August 19 marks the Third Quarter phase of the lunar cycle where conflict and resolution of your new way of responding to the world is set, sowing the seeds for the next stage of your annular evolution. With Mars moving into Gemini, the pace is quickened and so ideas and opinions become the focus. This of course can lead to increased arguments over the next eight months which includes a period of retrograde Mars from November to mid January.


This lunar phase begins with Mercury opposing Neptune on August 21 and Mercury trine to Pluto the following day. The focus here is turned inward with a heightened sensitivity as well as some confusion. This can help with redirecting your energies to sowing the seeds for the next solar cycle surrounding the lessons of Virgo as the Sun moves into this sign. Where we allow ourselves to be influenced by others and to focus more upon how we are helping our communities through this time.


This is a spiritualizing moment, ushering in the turning of Uranus retrograde and the internalized revolution of the second half of this year. This starts with some dissatisfaction as your ideals are difficult to utilize in their perfected state. It also allows you a level of objectivity. To observe what it is that is throwing you off balance. What in your environment is no longer appropriate to your own evolution depending upon what the retrograde Uranus touches in your own natal chart.


Coming to the end of the month, Mercury moves into Libra on August 26 bringing this focus on how your new sense of self works in your relationship as well as those close plutonic relationships in your life. On August 27 this is aided by Venus square to Uranus giving you some objectivity and not so easily influenced by others, especially with Sun also square to Mars. And this is reinforced the following day with Venus opposing Saturn where you will not feel so warm and engaging with others. Relationships today will force you to deal with aspects of yourself you would prefer were left alone. Although they may be painful, try to acknowledge that understanding why you hurt will be valuable for your process moving forward.


What this means through the Signs:


Your need for freedom to make decisions and plan for your future is met with opposition from those closest to you. Your restlessness and drive will force you to re think the importance of these relationships and what it is you need in your life.


Compromising situations this month is what will force a shift in your views of reality. The obligations you perceive are only as real as the barriers you put in place. The demand to think and put yourself first for a change will not be easy and with it may come considerable pain. But also the acknowledgement of the lack of support you receive for things you need to do personally. Played skillfully this could enable the changes that have been long overdue.


Doing favours for others when they could be paying for your services will become an issue this month. You will find that when you do ask for what you need then people will oblige.


Issues arise within your marriage, partnership or business partnership. These are serious issues that have been unspoken but now surface and will create problems if not handled correctly. You will be resentful if you feel you have to compromise, so be careful about what seeds you are sowing for the future which may come back to haunt you late March 2023 if there is no resolution now.


This month sees you battle with the compromises you have to make in meeting what is expected of you. It is time to re examine this and acknowledge the part you play in letting this happen.


You admire people who are free to do as they please as you find yourself bound to conserve what you have built and cannot have this threatened. Now you are being challenged to enjoy some of the material benefits you have earned without weighing up the costs versus the benefits.


Your focus will be particularly upon breaking with past habits of comparing yourself with others which thwarts your attempts to get ahead. This has served to negate giving yourself airs and graces and so loving yourself. This will require talking through the issues honestly with someone close to you.


There are few problems you cannot handle but this does not prevent you from feeling overwhelmed at times in your daily routine. This can arise from an impatience for instant results. But orderly planning, taking into account all the finer details, will bring you results and the acknowledgement of your enormous potentials.


The challanging of your values is the focus this month and so re aligning you to be free from the responsibilities and attachments which accompany material possessions. Money is only as useful as to what it can get you and if it helps to align you more truly with who you are then you will feel more secure and happy within yourself.


The old limitations you have placed upon yourself or accepted from others are now challenged as you begin to redefine your new sense of self.  Rightly aligned with what you can achieve, you will be an inspiration to others and less fixed yourself.


Your challenges in uncovering a new sense of self are driven by upsets, surprises and instability. These unconscious impulses play havoc with your meticulous mind which tries to hold onto all details, understandings and conversations. Anything you have hidden from yourself or others will emerge at this time and demand resolution.


Your dreams and realizations of a new start to life in which you can align yourself more truly to your ideals are more possible than ever before. The only thing holding you back will be your fear of losing everything. It is time to learn the art of trusting in life and allowing for opportunities to reveal themselves.


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