In the concluding month to the great conjunction in Capricorn, both Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius on the 17th and the 20th, thus completing this highly stressful transit. The themes within society begin to shift from those concerned with duty and the practicalities of maintaining social order shift to individual sacrifices within the social context. The pursuit of social happiness and individual comfort is no longer enough. A new vision arises out of a discontentment for what has been done in the past with questions around is this enough and what has outgrown its usefulness. There is a preference for being empty and searching than for being contented with accumulating wealth for the sake of stability and certainty alone. The burning feeling is that there is more to life. A new mask is needed. A radical new way of being is required, one with a more utilitarian focus, emerging in the last third of this month.

The total solar eclipse in Sagittarius in the middle of the month brings with it a crisis of personal freedom and self expression versus the needs of society as a whole, based upon perceived notions of fear. The principles of social cohesion, the meanings inherent within our lives, are sacrificed for data constituting evidence. The apparent evidence is though not clear, can be used to justify any action or just spread confusion. Our lives have become overburdened with immense detail, most of which is not useful but presented as illuminating truth. However, by its very nature, it is not able to offer understanding for the community as it is complex, open only to interpretation by those in specialised fields. 

What does though become apparent is of there being two sides to every issue and what is most important then is being able to walk in another person’s shoes, to see their perspective. A quality is viewed as negative when disowned. Our reactions to things are really due to our own relationship to them and not absolute in any way themselves. However, some fail to understand this subjective reality, believing if one masters communication correctly then one can influence others by being able to make them see the truth. Truth and objectivity are socially derived concepts. So diplomacy is required if one is to preserve the rights and freedoms upheld by all in a democracy. 

The semi-square type aspect of the conjoined Sun-Moon eclipse to Uranus in Taurus provides a flash-point in what constitutes security. Is it one based upon strength or fear? Is the certainty one seeks based upon an assuredness of being able to encounter any situation with a certain poise or is it based upon a fixed way of responding, devoid of understanding or not seeking to understand outside of one’s own experience?

Through the signs:


Having the personal freedom to do as you please is hampered by expectations of ignoring your own self gratification or by the expectations of bosses, colleagues and others you are forced to associate with. Any demonstrations or protests to regain your ground are fruitless at this time as they will only serve to isolate you further. So acknowledge this in private and breath. You will get through it.


Whilst you wish to retreat from the world and its demands, remain mindful of your friends as seeking them out will relieve the immense weight you carry metaphorically.


Those disowned or neglected remnant memories from early childhood which have played havoc in the past, now seek integration with your conscious self. This can be found through your creative self expression or through your parenting which will bring with it a new sense of belonging and connectedness.  


How to go for what you need and not what you want is weighted against the needs of everyone else. In your sensitive state you feel unable to ask for what you need as it may be misconstrued as self interest alone with no thought for anyone else.


‘Who am I?’ requires a social context and in arriving at this will provide insight into what constitutes security for you. However, with this comes a certain death of the self, the breaking of old habit patterns, of learning to share oneself. What will help will be to consider possessions as being nothing of themselves, ultimately cannot be owned but passes through you.


Your framework for understanding and integrating your experience has been challenged this year. Your security needs have evolved and continue to evolve this month with crisis. However, this is all serving the purpose of assisting you to look more closely at what it is you want to be remembered for. What motivates you? Is it a strength or a fear?


Conscious growth of character and the self will always play second fiddle to your unconscious drives and needs. It is imperative you allow for spontaneity in your life, to help articulate this hidden side of your nature that maybe you have a hard time accepting or are afraid of. Talk about it and people will listen.


It is uncomfortable allowing others in, getting close with them. Particularly when you judge your inner world as bad or self-centred. However, be gentle with yourself, let your guard down so you can talk more openly about your own nature. You may be surprised by the level of acceptance you receive.


Restrictions to your freedom are best met through diplomacy as the chances are you cannot escape certain relationships and obligations within society. You are expected to forsake your personal needs for those of the group. Your only respite from this will be in the home.


Your crisis relates to consciously expressing your creativity or true nature as this is hampered by your own fears around obligation to others. Duty wins out over the need to retreat where you are able to be yourself. However, talking this through with friends will help shift this crisis and gain new insights. If you are a parent, then there are concerns for your children who have been struggling throughout lockdown but take heart, it is always darkest just before the dawn.


Disruptions on the home front or the themes around feeling disconnected from those around you continue to play havoc this month. You may feel victimised by colleagues and bosses, those you are forced to associate with. Remember, they can never live up to your ideals and so are affronted and you are isolated. It is important to accept what is happening by talking through your struggles, maybe with a counsellor.


Feeling unable to articulate your needs may bring on a crisis as you can be taken advantage of. This month demands you reflect upon what constitutes security and how you give away your personal freedom to ensure these security needs are met.

And remember, if you cannot relate to your Sun sign then use your Rising sign instead and maybe consider that a more accurate astrology reading with Mark will be useful if you are stuck or unsure about how to proceed.

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