With the Sun transiting through Sagittarius this month, the opportunities arise here to explore more broadly. To develop your way of being in the world through doing things differently. This will broaden your beliefs but the complete reverse can also be true as this period could see your beliefs become more narrow and dogmatic, compelled by fear rather than a fearless self assertion and a compulsion to explore.

The month begins with the First Quarter Moon in Pisces bringing into play also the retrograde Mars. This marks a time for being more sensitively aware of your beliefs with maybe some challenges to these. Which can play out in two ways. Either making you more dogmatic about them or unhinging you to explore these boundaries further. For they are artificially constructed boundaries created by our own fears and need for containment. 

Maybe in this you become more assertive or more receptive to listening to others. Either way, you justify your response as being your consideration for the betterment of everyone. There is a more focused yearning for truth and as new opportunities arise, so do new ways of dealing with situations and responses from others.

December 2 will be a confusing day where you long for some outcome but it falls short of your expectations. Being very clear in your communication today will help prevent these disappointments. You could alternately withdraw but then the need for today is actually to engage with others and so in this then, it marks a good time to be sensitively aware of your communication style and how you are affected by others.

This will help build the picture of meaning around the theme for this month through your style of interaction. On December 4, Neptune moves direct, subtly moving you into a phase of thinking and feeling with increased or renewed sensitivity. This depth and sensitivity is maintained over the coming days. But when planning, take special care to not overlook details. Because there will be an impulsiveness to act and in this regard little details may hold you up. So there may be a temptation to overlook some aspects but these will then catalyse conflict or regrets.

On December 8, Mercury moves into Capricorn and so thoughts about getting ahead and planning your advancement then weighs into the mix and so how previously you have dealt with others and with circumstances will reflect the ease or difficulties you now have. All this arrives with the Full Moon in Gemini. You are then pulled in two different directions, personally and socially. Meaning in your life becomes more clarified as the goal of the Sun’s transit through Sagittarius finds full expression. 

It is made more concrete and can now be incorporated into how you go about things. This energy from now on becomes more exhausted and eventually replaced by a new tone of understanding which must be shared and made objectively workable. There may also be difficulties with authority figures who attempt to compromise your autonomy, testing your authenticity in how you are in the world and how you wish to be guided.

Others may not agree with you and your stance, setting the scene for Venus moving into Capricorn where your associations and friendships will be more guided by how they support your growth and the way in which you seek to grow. If this involves upsetting anyone, it will find a positive solution and you will stand your ground or understand what took place and how you were influenced in the way you were. For viewing things this way, you can only understand yourself better and so grow from the experience.

December 13 will be a great day and anything you plan to do will work out well, helping you to align yourself to the greater whole. To integrate your personal understandings with those around you. For you will feel stronger and so less threatened by things. So then by December 14 and 15 you will be able to set aside any tasks and have a low day as you need to recuperate. Attempting to achieve some desired goal or project now will not work out as planned and you will not feel able to confront anything or anyone as you will lack clarity and feel more inadequate.

December 16 brings the Third Quarter Moon and a renewed crisis in the sharing of meaning and value which has now become enmeshed within the framework of your life, creating a vision for social reform. 

December 18 to 20 marks a restless period and so will be a good opportunity to get out there and interact with others in the final week before Christmas. With the work you have been nurturing over the past month, this will also be a sensitive time where you will want to change aspects of self you now struggle with. 

It will be important to reframe this crisis as a reorienting of the self’s needs. Sowing the seed in preparation for the next month of Capricorn and so at this time personal sacrifice helps to usher in this period. This can manifest as illness or an internalised revolution, possessed by a more socially oriented destiny where we find ourselves tied to others and require this for our own self actualisation.

This leads us into our next phase with Jupiter moving into Aries and the Sun in Capricorn on December 22. Is life taking you in the direction you want to be going in and are you making the impact you find most satisfying? This begins a year of growth through confidence and self assertive activity. The New Moon on December 23 aligns with this and the month of the solar Capricorn begins with a strong sense of self confidence.

December 24 and 25 will be bright days with heightened imaginations and expectations. The excitement will be palpable with a quiet intensity and sensitivity. There will be a clearer sense of what is going on for each person and the insights some will provide may be quite profound. If things don’t go to plan as some wanted, then try to overlook this in preference for allowing something else, something more magical to arise.

December 27 will be more subdued as it should be after much celebrating. A good day to withdraw after the intensity of the previous few days. December 28 marks a day of being sensitised to beauty and so a great day for getting out in nature, to some exquisite location where this will be most rejuvenating. Especially when shared with people you care about.

On December 29 we begin another period of Mercury retrograde and in this inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, we ask ourselves “what are the tangible results of my life?” The following twelve months will focus us upon looking for new opportunities.

The First Quarter Moon is on December 30 which will inspire our drive to face the crumbling structures of our purpose in an effort to reorient ourselves again for the coming year which promises significant upheavals and change. In which lies new opportunities for self development.



Disappointments on the home front can lead to arguments this month. Check your expectations and make sure you communicate them. In this way there is great capacity to get a lot achieved on all levels!


You have big dreams but feel these can never be supported unless you make the obligatory compromises. Stay more focused within for the first part of this month and try to process what you need to change, learn or understand as this will help you adjust your life meanings and generate more of a cooperative atmosphere. As currently you are pushing people away.


You naturally think of others before yourself as community is everything for you. Sometimes though, being dogmatic about this as a matter of principle means you then sacrifice your own needs. Now is such a time and what you need to realise is that this dilemma provides an opportunity to expand what life means for you and change accordingly.


You feel you give too much and then others take advantage of this. In part you have trouble saying ‘no’. But you do this to free yourself up from immediate obligations as you are focused in the moment upon what you are doing and so don’t want distractions. While you may be social and connected, you need to respect your own needs for privacy and time for self exploration.


Over the past twelve months you have been challenged repeatedly to consider others. Now is a great opportunity to withdraw and explore the meaning which evolves from this struggle. Then you will have a better and more social Christmas.


The group’s needs compromise your own and so you feel this means you cannot get ahead. However, it really is about you not wanting to be told what to do while at the same time you don’t want to lose what you have gained. The opportunity here is about trusting the group and taking that unconditional leap into the void where you have no control. 


By avoiding your social responsibilities, you risk compromising your freedom and dreams as people are actually integral to this process. Those close to you help you to dream big.


By serving others, you in turn get your own needs met. However, you need to learn to be smarter about this, to avoid getting sacrificed in the process. Because while your intentions are good, you can justify what happens when you idealise the outcome and so lose sight of what’s actually happening.


While you work hard, with much creativity, to bring out the best in others, you do struggle with feeling obligated. Otherwise, take care to check your idealism before any potential partners, business or otherwise, have demonstrated their credentials. 


There is good reason for caution at work and not trusting what you are told and asked to do. Check in with others because you are so talented and ingenious that some may try to take advantage of this.


You need to slow down and think things through because hasty decisions may be made from imagined obligations.


You feel controlled on the home front or from your parents when you need the freedom to rise or fall independently of anyone else. Underlying this is a guilt about the indebtedness you feel but this just holds you back. You could be achieving so much more but play small for the sake of safety. Take the time to examine this and acknowledge what’s going on and what part you play in these dynamics. For then you can only win as you will be wiser and finely tune life’s meaning for you.

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