The grand conjunction we witnessed last year symbolised the lack of perspective in overcoming the existent power structures. Or the inability to act in a way different from the established vision of our society. Creating a tension for changes to our outmoded ways of being. The shortcomings will become more evident and change will in this way be coerced by the people rather than by authority. Enabling us to see more clearly through our illusions and develop a state of non attachment or to better separate ourselves from our thoughts. Where principles and attitudes give one a sense of self-importance, these begin to dissolve as one becomes freer from these illusions and learns to be more present in the moment. This will help to alleviate the anxiety and fear which has been rampant.

In maintaining some perspective it is important to remember our lives are created and driven by our imaginations, especially our wants and needs. The challenge is then to rise above the mundane and find meaning in a greater reality with the acknowledgment of our being only a part of something more vast than we can understand in this limited reality.

The month starts with the disseminating or waning full Moon in Virgo. The illumination of what we aspire toward, now acts as a point of division within ourselves and the community at large.

 This month also begins with Mercury turning retrograde. This marks a pause, a period of introspection. A time when perceptions can shift quite dramatically as we process the details of our lives differently, more open to receiving messages from our subconscious. The process of becoming more aware, tuning into our environment rather than directly participating in it. With this occurring in Aquarius, it symbolises our specifically asking ourselves, “what is it I am trying to achieve here and where is everyone else in my thinking?” Being in an air sign, it concerns our relationships, forcing you to reflect upon how you manage these in minute detail. To push your direct participation at this time would invoke your frustration as it is not the time for your influence to be felt. At this time what has been hiding below the surface for the past three months will now begin to rise.

 This sets a reflective tone for the first ten days. Consider this a time for rest and recuperation, allowing the subconscious to become more conscious. Then arises a conflict as the momentum of refection is met by the need to act when Mercury is exactly between the Sun and the Earth. The momentum to act will build over the following ten days but just remain open to unexpected opportunities while it is still not the time to act. As your perspective will continue to expand and so if forced to act then make provisions for unanticipated changes. This will then be followed by a week, the last part of February, where you are compelled to act and take risks based upon your reflections. The month and a half following this will bring to fruition the plans you had bubbling below the surface during the retrograde phase. It is an initiation phase when intuition drives your decisions more powerfully leading up to Mercury moving to its furthest distance from Earth. 

Remember, throughout the Mercury retrograde it is not advisable to sign contracts, start new projects or make major purchases, if this can be avoided. If not then take pains to be alert as miscommunication and delays will characterise these dealings. However, what is more advisable to avoid is buying new technologies and anything electrical.

From the 6th to the end of the month, Saturn moves square, or 90 degrees, to Uranus, upsetting the month with great challenges where fixed structures, rigid patterns or your sense of order, duty and discipline are called into question. Stressed relationships during this time are liable to rupture as they become unbearably oppressive. Authority figures can also feature as an oppressive force during this time, unsettling people, creating dissention and non compliance. This can also include employers. It is time now for clearing away what is not working in your life. It is important you seek out someone you trust to talk to or see a counselor.

The Sun then moves into Pisces on the 18th around 9:45 PM AEDT followed by the full Moon in Virgo on the 27th at 7:18 PM AEDT. With the Sun in the final sign of the constellations we are verging on the ending of this twelve month cycle, the breakdown of all that has unfolded, before embarking on the new cycle with new themes to unfold.



Through the signs:


This month brings to focus upon how you present to others with a habit of reflecting your own inner dynamics being challenged by others. Thus forcing you to question your own attachments or expectations.


Usually you are in a place of comfort when hidden but now even this seems oppressive. It is important you take pains to become conscious of the way you reach out or react to others.


There has been a focus for the past year upon the groups you associate with and now this becomes even more prominent. It is important you look at your pattern of feeling duty bound to some people.


Change, innovation and invention are elements at play for you at this time of heightened creativity and intuition. Go for what you want but remember to follow the advice given above about the Mercury retrograde.


This is a testing time as what you perceive is not necessarily correct but helps you to find connection. This Mercury retrograde should prove fruitful if you use it as suggested above, to gain many insights and inspirations into your own dynamics.


You are compelled to grow and change as life manifests your unconscious choices. Friends can provide you with great insights into how you present.


The way you reach out and connect with others is what you will be reflecting upon with Mercury retrograde. Be open to exploring your unconscious pattern of getting your needs met.


This Mercury retrograde theme focuses upon your need to be of service, duty-bound, and therefore limits who you align yourself with. Reflect upon what it is you are aiming for as a way of freeing yourself from this pattern.


During Mercury retrograde look at the relationships you form for pleasure and self expression. In what way does this then stifle you? Or do you place yourself in such a position as an act of self sabotage?


Connection is everything. It is where you find your power. You are unconsciously drawn to certain friends and groups, compelled by a need for inspiration. To help you develop, grow and change. But being of service to others will bring you much appreciation.


The theme of automated ways of interacting, of reacting to what others say or what they think continues to be prominent this month. It is time to recognize your fixed patterns here and how unconsciously there is a strong urge to dominate. Recognising this will help free you to be more present with others without any agenda.


Your attitudes towards possessions and attachments are themes involved in this Mercury retrograde. Recognise that this will be more prominent when you are feeling insecure and this will then release much of the tension you hold. Also, get creative!

Why have your astrological consultation?

There are so many reasons for having your chart drawn up and February is just the time to do this, while Mercury is retrograde. You will gain more certainty and objectivity around the issues you are facing now and give them a meaningful language which describes your inner world and feel empowered to speak about them. It will highlight strategies for working through conflict or your own opposing tendencies. Consolidating that which works well for you and transforming complexes which keep you stuck or trapped. There is so much you can discover about yourself in addition to getting a sense of the year ahead with regards to planning.