The start of this month brings a tightening of the wedge or bundle configuration contained by Mars and Venus with Uranus within a 120 degree segment of the sky. This speaks to resourcefully concentrating upon a limited area of life, bound between Capricorn and Taurus, the division of the natural meridian line. This harbours influence and change, aiding the development of the self. Responding to inner compulsions rather than to outer conformity, as expressed in the opposing mid Virgoan degrees to this wedge pattern of planets. 

Venus is moving extraordinarily slowly after its period of retrograde motion and so has an extended influence of being in trine to Uranus. Themes of striving for what you feel is right, aligned with your deepest motivations rather than with family or other connections who may demand you fall into line for the sake of social obligation alone as they do not share your share core beliefs. This is a crisis of values. At this time it is easy to break these ties with the revolutionary element of Uranus which in Taurus destroys our long held notions of what security once meant. What is now most important in our lives. The last time Uranus transited Taurus was between 1934 and 1942. This tumultuous time in modern societies saw people struggle with poverty and found solidarity in helping each other. This solidarity or kinship was then reaffirmed with their coming together to support each other through the early war years. People were forced to choose, to make their allegiances for the sake of re establishing security which was threatened.

Once again our notions of security are threatened. Gaining ‘stuff’, electronic devices, possessions and property, is beginning to lose its attractiveness as more enduring sentiments around what are we here for anyway, become more important. This is the revolutionary act. The act of defying the capitalist model which has no depth, only an endless need for self gratification and insuring against pain and disaster. 

Throughout this year Pluto is moving through the final degrees of Capricorn before making its influence felt in Aquarius. As always in astrology, we interpret the opposite sign as well. So the Capricorn theme is intertwined with Cancer. The home, family, earliest experiences and deepest motivations are disrupted. These theme naturally connect us to the core of our lives and so this is now threatened. Where we are heading and what we proudly recognise as our calling becomes more intimately defined. At this time we will feel lost without the anchor of our ideals. It is a time for the casting out of those paternalistic authoritarian figures, those who define whats important for us rather than letting us be the judge of that. A line is drawn in the sand and so we are forced to reflect upon which side we stand. 

This month is about people asserting for themselves and no longer requiring the support of experts to tell them where their true centre or motivating force lies. Some say it is with science but the scientists are divided. They are also standing with where their motivations lie. Apart from rebellion, this is an unusually creative and passionate time. The strength of sensitivity and compassion are truly awakened. It is a time of following your heart and not seeking answers outside of yourself. Relationships will be tested and there will be heartache. But from this will come a renewed inspiration. This word ‘inspiration’ has its roots in the breath and our connection with our soul. That part of us which is not governed by the body but defiant of it. Breath in and feel the liberation, the freedom, strength and force of standing strong. We are more than just the sum of our physical parts.

February 1 starts the process with the New Moon, the Chinese New Year, and brings into focus the lessons of Aquarius. The Sun in Aquarius has the Moon elaborate its themes over the next lunar month. The conformity of Capricorn has consequences which we now begin to feel and address. From February 4, circumstances evolve quickly with Mercury moving direct, compelling us to act. This is supported by Mars sextile to Jupiter which gives strength and inspiration while the Sun conjunct Saturn contains this energy but also provides discipline and staying power to ensure these actions are not short lived. The first quarter concludes on February 8 and with Mars close to conjuncting Venus and trining Uranus, brings out the fighting spirit and revolutionary tendencies. These are augmented when Mercury moves into Aquarius on February 14 and the Full Moon at 28 degrees of Aquarius arrives on February 16 for the showdown.

The Sun then moves into Pisces on February 18 and so finishes or softens this phase of revolutionary action. Perspective is achieved with Jupiter sextile to Uranus and the softening influence of the waning Moon along with Mars sextile to Neptune mellows the mood. Action at this time will prove to be more delusional than anything else and so timely retreat is what is called for. This is reinforced by a number of aspects following this, in the final stages of February with Venus sextile Neptune, Mercury square to Uranus and the Moon conjunct Pluto as it brings to a close this revolutionary cycle in the yearly solar-lunar journey.

Through the signs:


The focus of this month sets itself entirely upon you yourself. There is a rebuilding on a physical level, inspired by hidden forces in your life and ultimately changing your family, home environment and your inner motivations.


Without individual influence, you need to seek the support of your friends and those who you align with from your core ideals. Speak out about your woundedness and you will be surprised about what surfaces. This will be the undoing of what for you has constituted security, what you need for your life.


The fracturing and consolidation of your associations and friendships demands you stand firmly in your convictions despite the isolation this brings. Ultimately you are aligning your values with your direction in life rather than living out what others want for you.


Where it has been really important to align with your group, now you are forced to stand on your own and find your own power and originality while understanding this does not have to compromise your relationships.


Standing upon your own principles will create a lot of fall out with your relationships and associations. Learn to be comfortable with this because what you are called upon to take on board is a certain authenticity you have not felt before.


Family is no longer family anymore. Loyalty is no longer defined along blood lines. This is hard. Those who hold similar values to you now become your new clan. Your world expands as the security of belief changes. 


You are challenged to stand alone in your beliefs. But you fear you will lose those who have comforted you and been your support structure. This compels you to comply with the wishes of your clan.


You are tormented by obligation which thwarts your ability to stand up for what you believe in. But just understand if you dare take this lonely path, the insights will be profound.


Aligning yourself and not standing apart is how you have learnt to cope and now is no different. Just understand that in doing so you relinquish your ability to lead or be self driven and that this is okay.


Relationship is so important for you. And so standing alone can be incredibly painful and not what you feel able to do. While family can seem constrictive, you need them at this time. Doing what is right for you will show through your health. Let this be your guide.


Values and caution weigh heavily on your journey at this time. You feel you do not have the influence, instead driven by others who influence you. Clarifying your motivations will serve to guide you.


You feel you need to stand alone, wounded by family after having supported everyone else. It is now time to reset this and give some thought to yourself. However, take a care with this as you can quite easily be driven by insecurity. This is a good time for reflecting upon your values.

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