I am putting this up a week into the month of February, delayed by the constraints of a busy time for the beginning of this new year. So from January 22 we had the beginning of the month of Aquarius. A social time as well as a month for realigning with our ideals and our associations. Who do we want in our lives? An important and insightful month in preparation for the Sun moving into the new yearly cycle in Aries in March. 

More of that later as for now we are focusing upon Aquarian needs and values. Those which align with our new way of being after a further year of trials and tribulations. As with all these soli-lunar cycles they begin with us questing and finding ourselves in this context. We feel alone out there in the world, battling against all odds, until we come to the realisation of the Full Moon when we can then share what we have learnt. 

The end of January brought us to the First Quarter Moon, the first crisis point in the cycle, and so driving the need to build a new framework for our changing ideals as our old structures crumble away.

February 4 provides a jolt as it has the potential for sudden disruption, upsets and accidents leading to intense encounters and conflicts. These can be illuminating if you are able to stop yourself from reacting as they will be short lived but valuable in aiding your direction for this astrological month. For more expansive and friendly feelings will replace these by the day’s end stimulating intense exchanges with others the following day.

February 6 brings tension between personal needs and public expectations and duties. Along with a heightening of your energy along with restlessness. At this point, with the Full Moon, a clearer vision of the framework for your changed ideals takes form to the point you can begin to share it. This may not fit with what was expected of you in the past and now is the time to express this and find solidarity. However, this may be met by a degree of skepticism resulting in you feeling somewhat isolated and lonely.

In this state you will find yourself becoming increasingly more sensitive as new awareness develops. Your intuition is strengthened here while your clarity and attention for detail is still lacking. There will be an urge to act rashly but beware that this could cause more harm and inconvenience later on.

February 8 will bring an urge for pleasure and overindulgence. Take care not to expect from others what you are not willing to reciprocate. For you will be excited and may not consider this. There may also be an urge to make changes to your domestic environment. On February 9, you will be more sensitive than usual to the effects of drugs, alcohol and food bringing such intense experiences which, if handled well, will prove to be such a profound time for clairvoyance. At this time you will be more sensitive to receiving or intuiting information about your past or about your family, personal life or environment to help you move forward. It could also bring some unexpected surprises.

February 10 will be a day of great generosity, courage and confidence. There may also be a strong need for personal freedom to explore aspects of self which are no longer aligning with your new frameworks. This is followed on February 11 by a time of intense mental activity which could potentially spill over into power struggles with others. 

Once again though, this is short lived and change by a period of calm on February 11 which can be good for reflecting upon the previous few days as your mentality begins to be influenced by Mercury moving into Aquarius. Thoughts about your goals and expectations begin to take priority in some fashion and with your changing standards come thoughts about who you want to align with, which groups you want to associate with. Open yourself to talking to young people or those with progressive or alternative mindsets.

This time of more controlled feelings is replaced by inner compulsions and behaviours which are briefly overwhelming but nonetheless strong. This marks a time of mental and emotional readjustment where the struggle for honesty is paramount.

February 13 will be such an emotionally charged time where you won’t do well with having restrictions placed upon you. For the need to be impulsive and spontaneous will mirror the excitement you feel. So upsets and stormy relationships could be the end result of this energy not handled well. Undertake to do something exciting to offset this potential instead.

Febraury 14 brings the Third Quarter of the Moon for this month of Aquarius. In the breakdown of these energies, new ideals are formulated and shared as the self becomes more integrated towards facing the final month of the year with Pisces. It marks a day of inner turmoil though as you tackle conflicting energies. Once again a more lonely day than usual where you can feel out of touch and so feel the need to separate. The arousal of deep feelings will drive you to make alterations to your personal and domestic life.

February 15 will be more volatile with the potential for accidents and domestic disputes. But these will give way to more pleasant feelings, creative and idealistic, where affection and sentimentality will override the disagreements from earlier.

February 17 then will be more serious. A great time for planning and giving your needed attention to your duties and responsibilities. This will be a pivotal day for directing your energies towards building over the next twelve months. What do you wish to achieve? What has the previous year shown you?

February 18 will be a benevolent and generous one. Your positivity will spill over into intense feelings which overwhelm your perspective and your thought processes. Not a logical time but one of restlessness where breaks are more likely than reconciliations. And where the urge to be free is strong but this will then be tempered by the need for relationship and to be part of the group.

With the New Moon on February 20 comes a more contained energy. It marks a time of transition. What the transit of the Sun through Aquarius ushers is for gaining clarity but your thinking needs to be untethered through the chaos and confusion as the Sun transits through Pisces. The depth of this experience comes with losing sight of your moorings and you really then begin to let go or struggle. The letting go is important as change is only possible after we have truly experienced disorientation.

At this time we have Venus moving into Aries marking a new voyage in relating. One where you will be more forthright, knowing more acutely what it is you need from others.

February 21 is another of those restless and disruptive days where rash actions, overwhelmed by haste, can cause more problems than solutions. Then on February 22 you will be more emotionally sensitive than usual. Alcohol and drugs will have a greater impact than usual and communications will be fraught with misunderstandings. 

But you should also factor in the need for mental stimulation on this day and stay away from making decisions as any rash acts will bring regret. This will be difficult as you will want to make changes and so maybe journalling these realisations instead will prove more constructive. To look upon them later with a more considered mind.

February 23 will be a more socially expressive time with a sharpened mind, happy to speak your truth as you have more confidence and are not caught up with any petty irritations. This is not just a good time for communicating but also for writing. February 24 will be a fruitful time for being alone to reflect as you will do so with a great thoroughness. Or you may wish to devote yourself to some obligation.

February 25 will be a day of harmonious relations and in your internal harmony will also make this a good time for reflecting. But moods then change quickly with February 26 bringing more difficult feelings. Where you once again feel out of touch, lonely, and your negativity adversely affects your relationships. These intense exchanges possess the capacity to spill over into powerful and intimate encounters.

February 27 continues with this intensity and any impulsiveness will be meet by opposition. But then cheerfulness will protect you from any lasting interpersonal damage as connecting with friends and family becomes a stronger yearning.

February 28 is then a good time to daydream as you are unusually sensitive. There is a potential for taking things the wrong way or to heart. However, if harnessed well then it can indicate a day for great bravery and a conclusion to another calendar month.

There is so much going on in this final month before Pluto moves into Aquarius and Saturn into Pisces. And so the overwhelm is then more evident than is usual. This is a strong period of transitioning and whatever this may mean for each of you will be different. The individualised days for the most part reflect the constant changes made by the transit of the Moon to the other planets. If you find yourself unable to make sense or need further clarification then don’t forget that having your individualised astrology chart read can help to guide you. Just contact me through this link: