The Aquarian theme is highlighted strongly this month with the dynamics of the elite and powerful  versus the needs of the people being a central theme. In particular we have the inauguration of Biden on the 20th. Uranus finally turns direct from the retrograde motion it has been in since August shortly before this. It is the last of the planets to do so, occurring on the 15th of this month. This solitary retrograde planet, in Taurus, aspecting Saturn and Neptune by midpoint highlights some key themes we have been dealing with. This combination talks to the disillusioning process of our attachment to certainty about who we believe we are through a radical shift in our collective unconscious. How we are in the world is increasingly challenged if we refuse to consciously acknowledge how this serves us. This shift highlights the Aquarian theme, with Saturn and Jupiter now also having shifted into Aquarius. Not only does this Aquarian nature represent the lofty heights of idealism and humanitarianism but also its counterpoint of elitism and fanaticism with the inability to relate to the general population or possessing a strong sense of superiority. Inherent in the isolated retrograde Uranus is a loneliness where one does not understand anyone else with their inability to connect. The isolation generated from a difference of ideals or views. It can give rise to one’s disowned anger, projected onto those around them, accusing others of complacency or delusion as one’s own insecurities escalate. A remedy for this can be sought in refocusing upon your own feelings and sensations, getting in touch with your body to balance the extreme mental energies. As the retrograde motion of Uranus draws to a close, the disorganisation of the past five months will be replaced by a better sense of discrimination.

From the 7th, the Moon enters its last quarter around the Sun, bringing to a close the lessons of what constitutes freedom for us. And as it draws towards the Sun, they both converge on Pluto, on the 13th, intensifying this lesson. The renewal of the power of authority bringing with it thoughtful unrest. Meaning, public anger will not result in shows of protest as Mercury goes square to Uranus, both being in fixed signs, and so more likely resulting in much argument and heated debate. All the planets and luminaries are then contained to a tight wedge from the 14th with all public debate solely focused upon the loss of personal freedoms for the greater good of the society as a sole focus where we drop the ball on all other areas of life. All this leading to Uranus then turning direct in the action phase of this public anger. 

Following Biden’s inauguration, the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 21st which comes in with a bang as Mars joins with Uranus, bringing shock waves and intensifying action, unrest, an extreme liveliness. With these energies also comes a great wilfulness where nothing will stand in the way of what anyone is determined to do. This extreme outburst will though settle quickly from the 24th, to be replaced by a somewhat quieter period prior to Mercury turning retrograde from the beginning of February.

Through the signs:


Whilst there is a pressing need to stand up for your own requirements, this will not come so easily as miscommunication lies at the heart of this dilemma. So be clear about what your needs are by having frank discussions, particularly around the home. Speak to your feelings, no matter how difficult this may be, take a leap of faith. Let others know what you are experiencing and you will be surprised by the results. 


Despite this month heralding the coming strong Aquarian influences, this is not a time for you to be heard but instead to be still and meditate. What is it you truly need? With this question arises flights of fantasy and so look beyond these to find their grain of truth. For in this way you will find more freedom in how you connect with others as opposed to the more stifled way of assuming a patterned response.


You are very sensitive to the needs of others and so at times you can feel like you martyr yourself to these pressing demands. However, understand that behind this is your own agenda of wanting to get ahead and when this becomes clear you will be able to appreciate how your sensitivities serve you instead.


Your friendships and ideals are now beginning to serve you in that they are grounding your perceptions of how you treat others. Making this more conscious against the pressing need for freedom to pursue your own desires.


There is a strong urge to break free from your patterned responses towards others and at this time you are more consciously aware of this. Balancing this by the thought of what it is you are trying to achieve will produce more satisfying results.


It is always a balancing act in getting things right, feeling satisfied with how things are for you. Now is a time when your unconscious decisions become more apparent, forcing you to acknowledge how you have shaped the situations you find yourself in.


Who you are is a question answered by the relationships you form with others. So when feeling constricted by their demands, it is important to understand the inherent need of yours to have others see you in a particular light, in the light of your caring nature.


You pride yourself on being so duty bound and can now begin to appreciate how it is through others where you will find your liberation.


Your self esteem has taken a battering over recent years, culminating in the past twelve months. However things are easing up and so now comes an important time to focus upon yourself and in this way it will help you better formulate how to best serve others.


Connections with others have been tenuous but now begins a period of repairing the relationship you have with yourself as a way through better understanding the difficulties you experience within your relationships with others.


You will liberate your relationships through the language you use in your communications. Soften this, become more conscious of it and understand saying more, asking questions, is much better than assuming you know.


Your habitual responses thwart getting your needs met and understanding this more clearly can serve to make these patterns more conscious enabling more choice around your responses.

As always, if reading your Sun sign does not hold any relevance for you then look at your Rising sign. Otherwise get in touch with myself to have your natal chart accurately delineated and thus learn more specifically about the dynamics underlying your own situation.