As the month opens, the Sun has been travelling through the constellation of Gemini for ten days and so coming to the fruition of the Full Moon shortly thereafter. The journey through Gemini marks the solar month where you are focused upon your relationships in your immediate environment. It brings up contradictory tendencies as your thoughts and emotions compete, calling for you to become more sensitively attuned and thoughtful of your actions. 

Some other indicators at this time, with midpoints and the location of fixed stars, call for you to be cautious about impulsive actions which can bring danger. There is a spiritualising need here with personal fulfillment being valued above financial considerations. So the caution is to balance practical considerations in this drive for personal realisation.

With Saturn turning retrograde this month, the emphasis over the next 130 days will be around moulding and shaping your own boundaries. Attuning ideals with the practicalities in creating more personal effectiveness. So there will be increased discrimination in what you wish to partake in versus that which you wish to avoid. 

So the process of this evaluation begins just after the Full Moon, two weeks prior to Saturn turning retrograde on June 19. Then two weeks later, at the end of the month, Saturn will be trine to the Sun which will trigger thoughts about what you have let go of, forgotten about, almost unconscious of.

This retrograde period in Pisces, being the final sign in the zodiac, also brings a focus upon the completion of the cycle of becoming. There is a challenge around dwelling on past sorrows when there is the competing need of realising your inner self worth, listening more intently to your own inner guidance.

On June 1 your energy is heightened with compulsive tendencies and a greater need for personal freedom. By June 2 old habit patterns surface and you feel the tug between wanting to act and feeling more cautious. This does not mean however you cannot state your case as you will have greater clarity to do this. But disruptions to relationships can come with the Moon opposing Uranus.

By June 3 you need to relax more after these heightened feelings. It will be a good time to withdraw, daydream and create in your mind as this day will not be productive on a physical level as you are too sensitive and sympathetic.

June 4 contrasts sharply with the Full Moon energies which are highly motivating, creating tension around personal needs versus duties. In your more daring and courageous moments there can be a sense of being out of touch which can cause conflict in your personal relations.

June 5 continues this heightened energy with Mercury conjunct Uranus bringing speed to your thinking and communicating. Remember to breath and consciously slow yourself down as this over straining will be jarring upon your nervous system and there can be a greater potential for accidents. In addition to this, there will also be the potential to over-estimate your abilities.

On June 6 Venus moves into Leo bringing a need for connecting with others through fun and creativity. Enjoying company while being comfortable with yourself, just as you are, without accommodating for the expectations of others. The warmth and friendliness of the Moon trine to Jupiter will do much to offset the intensity of Venus opposing Pluto. Together these energies can do much to strengthen relationships. The need for strong emotional connections continues into June 7 and 8.

Then June 9 brings more inner peace and balance with a deeper understanding of what habits you need to change and why as well as having a better grasp upon how to achieve this. You feel a greater compulsion for honesty while remaining cheerful and positive.

June 10 has a more isolated energy while your imagination is stimulated and your perception becomes clearer. At this time rely more upon your feelings and inner sense of things than upon reason which can be misleading.

June 11 is the Third Quarter Moon and the final crisis of challenging old habit patterns and ways of relating that no longer suit. It has an excitable energy about it as in this crisis you wish to shake up those around you. However, remember that you can only change yourself.

On June 12 Pluto returns to Capricorn for its final five months before fully engaging its journey through Aquarius. So the next while will be focused upon the final disintegration of our old authoritarian structures. 

But for now, this will be a good day for doing more personal work where you will be more focused and serious. You will not see the point of discussions with no purpose. In this need for depth and problem solving, it will be important to only gather information at this time and not come to conclusions as this will be better handled after June 28 when Mercury moves into Cancer.

June 14 and 15 will be a better time for engaging with others, enjoying their company and feeling more able to verbalise your feelings. There will also be a heightened desire for shopping with an impulsive need to be extravagant. 

June 16 will be more inwardly focused, arriving at the productive end of this solar cycle where you will be more in tune with yourself, more able to talk about sensitive issues; reaping the consequences of past actions and having an in-depth preparation for the new cycle. There will be more discipline to critically evaluate your situation with a strengthening of your focus upon practicalities. 

The down side will be if you are feeling more isolated and pessimistic then you will tend to become more fixated upon what is happening and not see a way out. It will be important to not become stuck in your own thinking and may need help with this by reaching out and talking with those you trust. 

June 17 continues this process with a need for actualising what is of value in your life right now and feeling clearer about whether you are aiding or hindering this capacity. There will be an urge to be closer to others, with family and friends, more strongly influenced by your emotions on this day.

June 18 will be a good time for reading that book for shear pleasure or catching up with friends and seeing a show or listening to some music. There is a stronger appreciation of beauty and so maybe going to a gallery and looking at some art or taking a day trip into the countryside and immersing yourself in nature.

June 19 is the New Moon with the next incoming solar cycle through Cancer approaching. While the energy here is more subdued, there is also a heightening of expectation, of what is to come as well as a good opportunity to spend time with your partner.

On June 20 remember that pleasing others may come at the expense of sacrificing your own needs or those of your family. June 21 sees an intensifying of your emotions and you may not feel clear enough to act and so don’t.

On June 22 the Sun moves into Cancer and so it is a good time to focus upon your own emotional needs and those of your family. How are you nurturing yourself and your loved ones? What needs to shift here? Today will be an extremely busy day, one where you will work mentally hard and be more passionate about what you stand for. This will be balanced by the more social connection of Venus with the Moon with social graces and radiating warmth being more of the order of the day.

June 23 has a more erratic energy connected with it, a need to be restless and connect with that which you feel to be lacking in your quest for independence. On June 24 there is a need to isolate yourself and reflect upon building the personal protections you need when considering your emotional responses at this time. You are more in tune with these today and so listen to what they are telling you.

June 26 brings much confusion as you feel more sensitive and vague today and so adjust your planning for what is possible now. Misunderstandings are more likely at this time and you will be extremely sensitive to foods, medicines and recreational substances.

June 27 is marked by intensity and inner turmoil as you work hard to establish how you can better nurture yourself and your family. You will feel very compelled to make changes in order to offset the intensity. There will be a strengthening of your need to break free from restraints and this may cause conflict but you feel compelled to change. This continues on June 28 but the intensity gradually shifts with you better understanding the changes needed in your life.

June 29 brings more harmonious energies as you come to a deeper understanding of what your personal journey is for this month. With the Sun trine to Saturn you will have the opportunity to achieve whatever it is you wish to as you will possess better discipline on this day as well as better organisational skills for more meticulous work.

Then June 30 will be a good time as well for problem solving or having that discussion with the person in your life giving you some grief. This will be clearly a time to gain greater resolution and a day where you will feel more empowered ‘to stick to your guns’, so to speak, while needing to keep discussions to important matters alone, not extraneous ones.

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