Continuing on from the Mercury retrograde phase in February, for all of March and the first nine days of April, these constitute the promethean phase of the Mercury cycle. The ideas fostered between the 11th and the 21st of February, now begin to take flight, are tested in an almost reckless fashion, just as Prometheus acted recklessly in his trickery of Zeus. Mercury direct is a particularly tense time, flying headlong towards accomplishing those seeds of the retrograde period with little introspection. This inner urge contains a sense of freedom, having been unbound, just like Prometheus from the rock he was chained to and had an eagle pick out his liver by day to then regenerate each night. Mental acuity having peaked brings with it little forethought to the consequences of one’s actions. The fixity of Aquarius can be a weakness at this time as we tend to be guided by our beliefs and do not take kindly to the beliefs of others. Extreme actions based upon our instincts are typical, only to be tempered by experience at the end of this phase, from the 9th of April.

On the 4th March, Mars moves into Gemini bringing a compulsion around the need to act or bringing with it an impatience. Fighting with others over abstract ideas is also another theme this combination generates. However, the close association of Venus with the Sun in Pisces will soften this. They both then move into Aries in the last third of the month whilst still remaining closely aligned. This month, whilst full of polarised ideas and influences, is generally not a time when action will be prominent.

This month will see strong ideas and arguments flung around the public arena, a great divide between the public, all of who are convinced of their position and unwilling to compromise. There is something of a stalemate leading up to April where results will begin to emerge and experience will be more telling about the positions we hold. The Full Moon in Libra on 29th March at 5:49 AM AEST will mark a turning point, compelling the need to act.

Through the signs:


This is your month. Life will be more gentle with you and the home front will prove to be so as well. No need to go out of your comfort zone, just enjoy and savour the moment.


You may not like laying low but this is the advice. Your influence will not be felt but will further cement division. So remain mindful of this.


This is an important time to surround yourself with friends. And being the perfect host, you will naturally draw others toward you. Your home being a great place for gatherings, a place where you can shine.


You may experience considerable frustration as your need to act, to assert your ideas, is thwarted. Remember to breath, create some space around your compulsions and then wait for when your actions will be more supported.


Old negative habit patterns may be the major issue you are grappling with at the moment. You may feel some frustration with your compulsions and loss of choice. Observe what happens for you, spend time methodically teasing apart your process and try to remain honest and open about this. This may be better done with the help of a counsellor or someone you trust.


Relationships are tested here as you attempt to get below the surface and explore ideas. However, you may be misguided about who may wish to do this with or assume too much about someone’s views. Acknowledge this is your need and not the need of others you are close to.


Duty-bound as ever, it is important this month you spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. Let things rest and enjoy the act of being close and intimate without thinking too much about it.


This will be a frustrating month where you are forced to spend time with others not of your choosing. Try to be creative about this as creativity will be the only area where you can feel some sense of freedom.


Home may not be the place where you can relax, so get creative instead and this will help keep you in the moment. This is a great time for imagining, using your hands and doing what it is you enjoy.


Home for you is your sanctuary, far away from the madness, the flight of ideas in the public arena you do not take kindly to. Remember it is your strong sense of idealism which keeps you fixed and unable to compromise.


You are strongly idealistic at this time but be careful with this. It is drawn from your fears and so will have little basis when viewed or debated objectively. It could be wise to seek out counsellor or someone you trust to talk to in order to check your grasp upon reality.


You may be very serious and feel great compulsion at this time. Home will be busy with no relief or rest found there. It will help to surround yourself with comforting smells and sights as this will help you to settle more easily. Maybe some aroma therapy, good food or an epsom salt bath can help. Make sure you do this often over the next month.