This month your strength of faith is tested, to put it succinctly. The Sun transiting Pisces crosses the planetary giants, Jupiter and Neptune. This year began with Jupiter finally arriving in Pisces and with the Sun drawing near, the themes of these two become more relevant. Jupiter in Pisces seeks to improve the conscious self through living out your ideals, expanding your ability for compassion towards others and so enhancing a generosity of spirit. You feel more sensitised towards those stirrings of faith within where the finite consciousness of humanity experiences the infinite universal consciousness. Not lured by external trappings but rooted in an inner security you came into the world with. Your intuitive abilities are expanded as is the sense of your greater family. Those you include who are not connected by ties of family but by expansive concepts of mind and spirit. It is a time for risking your innermost self, compelled by trusting in the stirrings of a higher power. An openness to grace, devotion to lofty ideals of spiritual dimensions could be challenged by escapist tendencies with an unfocused and critical attitude towards everything. In a pragmatic sense utilising what you have within your possession to take charge and control of your situation and thereby mitigate the inner confusion that arises when overwhelmed by current circumstances.

The New Moon brings these themes into play from March 3, exacerbated by the dynamics of public figures pressuring and influencing the broader society with hidden agendas. The coercive influence of these leaders seeks to play upon the general public’s compliance, doing ‘the right thing’ rather than standing in one’s own strength and listening to the voice within. Countering this is a strong urge for change, an urgency to let go, move on and find a new sense of personal freedom. There is a strong desire to experience a new way of being with a burning curiosity about the future. To create a new order through the destruction of the old. This is a time of the creative soul’s alignment with the will of the cosmos.

Mars and Venus move into Aquarius from March 6. And the sense of expansiveness strengthens as the Moon opposes Uranus and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. At this time of the Moon’s cycle there is a struggle, a confrontation of outside influences, thwarting one’s aspirations. This is the time to assert yourself as the dynamic serves to actualise change and create something different from the past. Building this renewed sense of spiritual awakening requires for the obstacles to be acknowledged, understood and overcome. The old forces must be met and vanquished for the new to arise. Mercury also moves into the sign of Pisces, marking a time of introspection with the mental adjustment of concluding yet another cycle. The Sun conjuncts Neptune on March 13, softening this process while it may also bring with it some dissolution and confusion. The day marks a time of great vulnerability.

The Full Moon on March 18 brings a celebration of what you are trying to achieve as well as an urgency and a restlessness. A strong desire for more clarity and the need to gather as a community where shared ideals are of utmost importance. Then from March 21 the Sun moves into Aries and the fighting spirit comes alive. On March 23 Mercury conjuncts Neptune and for this day try to lay low, avoid promises and take it as a time for reflection. The last quarter of the Moon comes on March 25 and the individual learnings from this month of testing faith, finding inner spirit and merging with like-minded others will now need to be shared more broadly as a way of concluding this process. This will provide clarity moving forward into the next action phase of Aries, the beginning of a new yearly cycle. Change is afoot and your position within society, the power structures as they are, will never be the same again once this next cycle is complete.

Through the Signs


In your idealism, doing what is right seems to be the easiest option but this may be counter to your gut feeling. But you are easily coerced by others now. So listen to yourself and take time to make decisions so there are no regrets later.


To get ahead you may need to appeal to those above you and remain silent about your objections. While this may sit uncomfortably with you, be aware this also helps you gain some badly needed freedoms as well.


Placing the needs of others above your own will provide you with greater benefits than you are able to anticipate at this point.


Doing the right thing is second nature to you. This includes being agreeable to whatever is asked of you. Be methodical and think things through first so you can be satisfied with taking your due diligence.


You may feel coerced but look to the larger picture, be open to grace and trust in a higher power.


To get ahead you need to be led.


An extremely creative time for you to devote yourself to something greater than your own reality.


Compromising within relationship, on the home front and with your responsibilities of children comes easily for you. It gives you freedom to be able share in something greater than yourself. Acts of faith come from doing things for others, being of service to a larger reality are important at this time. Structure creative pursuits in at this time if you can.


Freedom in relationship requires compromise and the more you do this the more you will discover hidden strengths you may have been oblivious to.


New understandings arise when helping your children if they are struggling. Maybe it is you who are struggling and need others to direct you. Either way home is an important place this month. Make it your place of rejuvenation. So plan well and prioritise a routine.


There is a magnetic charm you exude at present. Your choice of words and creative flair give you lots of pizzazz. Use it to help heal wounds with your home and family.


It is time to trust your own intuition and develop faith in yourself. The need to change things within the home or new insights about relocating surface. There are stirrings of change with growing optimism for the future, knowing that things as they are restrict you in so many ways.

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