The Full Moon for the Solar Pisces month is on 7 or 8 March depending upon where you are in the world. It marks the heightening of this last Solar month of the zodiac year culminating in sacrifice and surrender. It marks a time when personal fulfilment is supported whereas financial fulfilment falls flat on its face. There is an urgent desire to succeed through personal effectiveness with a striving to achieve more than has ever been possible in the past and make your greatest mark upon the world or your personal world. It is not so much the power to achieve as the urge to consolidate and grasp insight into what it is you truly want.

With this comes a sense of feeling let down, especially when the expectations have run high then the descent can be steep. Feeling heightened at one point and then devastated the next. This is because there is an extreme compulsiveness which has to content with ineffectiveness. And the only way forward is through surrender. There are no shortcuts and ruthlessly pushing your own agenda will incite opposition from those around you.

What is demanded is an acknowledgement of others around you. You cannot do this alone. If your life is not meeting your expectations then it is important to take the time to understand why this has been. Rather than fall into despair about your apparent failures. These are not failures but merely the rerouting of opportunities. Take the time to nurture this more gentle way of viewing things as it will change your notions about what succeeding means in your life.

Saturn is just about to move into Pisces and then Pluto will move into Aquarius from March 26 when the new Solar year beginning with Aries has commenced. This is an extremely karmic time so go gently with sensitivity and empathy.

March 8 with the Full Moon in aspect to Uranus brings a heightening of your energy with a restlessness to achieve. Your work on this day will be supported as long as it is altruistic in nature.  On March 9, Saturn moves into Pisces marking the final phase of personal achievement and this lasts two and a half years. Over that period you will get to evaluate the meaning of profit and gain in your life.

March 16 to 19 will be a time of considerable frustration and one to avoid getting into conflict with others! Misunderstandings will be rife as will the passive aggressiveness of others. You do not want to be preaching to others at this time about what they are and are not doing. This will not end well and they will just misunderstand you and take everything the wrong way. If frustrated then walk away and leave things to settle and deal with them at a later date.

It is also a time to take care of your health. To tune in to what it is you need because any excessive pushing will force on a health crisis. You are particularly sensitive to medicines, drugs and alcohol now so any of these things can cause major problems at this time. Take some time out to be still, reflect and tune in to those around you who need your focus. As everyone else is superfluous and you will weld no influence. Surrender and be still.

March 22 marks the new Solar year with the Sun now in Aries with a New Moon at the same time. Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 24 when the Lunar Crescent is visible in the night sky as is the dark larger section of the Moon. The knowledge of what is to come is very palpable at this time.

March 26 to 29 stirs up conflict as the new altruistic energies of Pluto in Aquarius can be quite ruthless and not sympathetic to individual needs. Ultimatums will not sit well at this time. It is again one of those times to avoid pushing. This ends with the First Quarter Moon when you are up against the forces of the world and fighting these on your own. While short-lived, it marks the first trial period of this year when you stand up for yourself in the face of disguised humanitarianism. For what is apparent for you is that broader measures do not consider your own needs.

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