The month begins with the partial solar eclipse, visible over the southern portion of South America and the southern Pacific sea as well as parts of Antartica. This starts the first eclipse cycle for 2022, followed by the second cycle in November 2022. The following year will be the Aries-Libra cycle. So the themes for this year’s cycles are focused upon the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. So I will focus more upon this than the planetary movements for this months as it is so significant, given what is occurring in the world at present.


I also have to add, this can be an ideal time for fasting or eating more simply, as the solar eclipse can be physically depleting and the second eclipse then in two weeks time, the total lunar eclipse, can be emotionally depleting. Karmic by nature, this period is served well by concentrating upon prayer and meditation.


This zodiac pair in your body is focused upon the functions of strength and power. The throat, large bowel, rectum and reproductive organs harness and utilize strength in the process of asserting ourselves. Making our mark upon the world and so helping to forge a place for us where we can operate with more certainty.


The lessons of this pair are immense and will forge a strong focus over the next six months in our own personal lives as well as in public life as well as in the political arena.


In Taurus we find a testing of the possessions we come into the world with. Of the creative potential we bring with us, attempting to add meaning to life, to solve a problem not yet realized. The gateway of the breath is through the throat and the power we inherit in our finding our voice projects us onto life’s stage, validates our reasons for being here and provides the opportunity to give voice to a way of seeing and working with life which is unique to us.


This is a very confronting notion when we are not ready to acknowledge our strength and power and take ownership of all we do in our lives and all we build. The fruits we bear, the abundance we create, the influence upon others we weld. This fruitfulness is confronting when we have a poor relationship with ourselves, when we do not acknowledge or are afraid of our own power.


When we accumulate possessions compulsively, we are attempting to placate this poor sense of self. To prop it up. But this possesses little depth and goes hand in hand with underlying feelings of insecurity. Whereas to own what we bring into life and what we create has an immense impact on all areas of our lives. It cements our place and gives us solidity and certainty within ourselves.


Through this process we begin to take responsibility for what we do. This then leads into the Scorpio aspect of this polarity. Where we move from a sense of personal self into relationship. Where we then are faced with a level of intimacy we are ready to meet the other person with, at what level we are comfortable with each other. Ready to own our own shortcomings and insecurities and so be vulnerable together. This we call the possessions of the relationship because it gives strength, power and certainty to the relationship. With this comes responsibility and a mutual respect. A way of interacting where each party acts with the other in mind. And just as the individual creates with the potency of their own self, likewise, the relationship creates within the potency and mutuality of their polarity together.


Back to the month and the movement of the planets within our solar system. This of course reflects what happens on earth where the heavens always move first and so forewarn us. Mercury has now moved into Gemini where it is very comfortable, being in one of its two signs. This is the first aspect to the mercurial influence with communication at its heart and with this comes the thinking process.


However, in May, Mercury begins to slow down again and prepare for its next period of retrograde motion which comes mid month and lasts until the beginning of June. This reinforces the reflective and preparative stages May hosts on so many levels before we are propelled into the second half of the year. As with other Mercury retrograde periods, try to avoid signing contracts or initiating projects and this is particularly true with this Mercury retrograde period as it is in an air sign and so is strongly associated with communication and information gathering and sharing.


Mercury also skirts a trine aspect with Pluto for the whole of this month bringing much depth and focus to its powers of thought. This powerful pairing also brings out much power into this eclipse cycle and so reiterates the tremendous power that prayer and meditation can bring this month. So following the eclipse cycle of this month is a time for an internal reorganizing and realigning for the second half of the month.


Through the signs



This is an exciting period for you, reinventing yourself and realigning with your karmic direction, your relationship with your higher Self.


Surrender is important for you to embrace and so relinquishing ambitions is important, content to allow a period of slowing down and stopping.


The lack of personal space you experience this month is important for realigning with your ideals.


Your goals and ambitions are beginning to shift and evolve in ways you did not expect. Prepare to be magnetized by others as this is part of the process.


You are beginning to realize you need to take responsibility for the way you participate in the public arena. People don’t put obligations upon you but you do this yourself as a way of placing them in a cycle of obligation. When they don’t abide, get excited as you are being freed up to interact differently.


Reinventing relationship is key for this month for you. This means looking at how you give your power away and in turn how this reinforces your own view of yourself. Look at the function of strength and power in your life and understand how you may side-step this tricky dynamic with your own self as well as in relationship with others.


Understanding how relationship most powerfully roots you in your sense of belonging will help to truly free yourself to be as you need to be. Not from a sense of obligation where you do acts of service but how this in turn ultimately serves you.


Understanding that duty is not a choice but a necessity for your growth is important this month. It helps you to establish strong roots and so give the stability required for this growth.


Your relationship with yourself is challenged. Assumptions you have about how you are and what you do for others becomes clearer and more confronting. Don’t pull down those shutters and blindly move onwards as you will do harm to yourself as well as those you love.


Where you have come from and where you are going to, become very focused this month in your contemplating. These beginnings provided the story of your struggle and helped you to focus the projection of your growth.


Your frameworks for how you organize and understand your experiences shifts and evolves. This is a powerful time for growth through pain and the disintegration of all the groups you have long considered yourself a part of. This is an important time for you to retreat and contemplate, understanding you will have no impact more broadly at this time.


The demands of growth now are beyond your conscious control. This is a very karmic time and so understand you cannot force your own way without being blocked. Surrendering gracefully and breathing, becoming more vulnerable, will help you to plumb the depths of what it is you need to be doing.


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