So towards the end of last month we had the partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio which raised old problems stemming from mid May 2022 with the previous Lunar Eclipse and so it is now seeking closure. Those most impacted by this have their birthdays over the mid degrees of Pisces and Virgo or else have their Ascendents over these degrees. Having the Sun over these mid degrees means having been born between March 10 and 14, September 12 and 16. The nature of the eclipses is related to oppositional tensions and so the issues involve interpersonal relations specifically with relationships either ending or entering a completely new phase of relating.

This month begins with the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius bringing into question the Scorpio themes related to the use of relationships in terms of influencing others or being influenced. So the ability to influence others is highlighted here as old habits of engaging in this way of relating no longer work. New ideals begin to emerge, exerting their influence upon you and in turn raising many questions about how you influence others.

We saw Mars turn retrograde in the final degrees of Gemini at the end of last month. Our drive and externalised energies disappear with this phenomena. This can be quite dramatic for some as it is unexpected, felt particularly keenly by those born in the final degrees of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Habits and routines are the likely victims in this disruption. 

It initiates a period of intense self inquiry affecting the area of life where this is taking place in your natal chart. It is not a time for influencing and action but for being influenced and reflecting upon this as this internalised battle is waged. Achievement is trumped by how you are present. The energies of this will be magnified for a short time on November 3 when the Moon trines the Mars retrograde.

This internalised influence is deepened with the Moon then trining Mercury, Venus and the Sun over the day following its trine to Mars. The issues related to the Scorpio influence are thrown into chaos with the Moon in Pisces. The chaos being a necessary precursor to searching or reflecting. This process is also confounded and deepened by further aspects the Moon makes over the next three days.

Then from November 5 to 7, Venus opposes Uranus provoking changes in relationships as you attempt to seek freedom from restrictions or underlying tensions. There is also an air of excitement, restlessness and expectation associated with this influence. So it can be a good time to offset tensions by doing something exciting. Also to make the most of this before the isolation of Venus square to Saturn on November 7 and 8. At this time you are more likely to feel compromised by the expectations of others. Hence the need for retreat.

November 9 brings the Full Moon, the midway point in this monthly cycle when you reach the conclusion to the crises you have so far faced in looking closely at how you influence and are influenced by others. Many obstacles have been overcome over the last week and now you are a lot clearer about what it is you need to change in your engagement with others. This process is quickened by Mercury and the Sun now opposite to Uranus where things can get a bit hectic and mistakes are made in haste. Then we enter the last half of this cycle as the Moon’s light withdraws and you begin to share your insights with those around you.

This Full Moon is also the next eclipse of this month with a Total Lunar Eclipse. Once again, the Saros cycle shows those most influenced at this time relates to the initial degrees of Cancer. So for those whose birthdays lie between June 21 and 25; December 22 and 26. This will also be the case for those with an early Cancer or Capricorn Ascendant sign. It will sow the seeds of self realisation which will come around April 20 2023.

November 11 could be a confusing day as things will be more easily misunderstood than is usual and so it will pay to put off any negotiations you were planning upon having on this day for a couple of days. This refers specifically to Mercury square to Saturn and Venus trine to Neptune. So the problem, in addition to confusion, will revolve around you being more susceptible to compromising on the basis you feel sorry for someone. 

Not that this is a bad thing but you may be moved emotionally more easily than on another day. Then with the Sun square to Saturn, you find yourself questioning what responsibilities you owe to others. You may make decisions based upon information you believe to be true rather than checking in with that person. As your energies are withdrawn, the burden of things too heavy, you may tend to make these decisions from a place of weakness and the regret may just isolate you further. 

The Moon conjunct Mars on November 12 will also exacerbate this inability to influence others. But don’t despair as this situation will change quickly and will also reveal the areas you need to become more confident in.

November 13 is a great day to waste time and daydream or immerse yourself in mystical intuitive practices or reading. With Mercury trine to Neptune, the rational mind is subdued as compassion and sensitivity enhanced. This softening continues for the next couple of days with a number of trine aspects and the deepening sensitivity and awareness created by Venus sextile Pluto and Moon sextile Uranus.

The Moon aspects the revolutionary square pairing of Saturn and Uranus reflecting the unrest within society. Then Venus moves into Sagittarius and all of a sudden life becomes expansive, social, inquisitive and open again. This brings in a more social and friendly time of year as the Scorpio month begins to draw to a close having tackled the lessons here, to learn more about the self and the art of influencing and being influenced.

The Third or Last Quarter of the Moon comes on November 17 when your integrated new vision of how we are to be with each other, accepting of influence and being influenced spreads throughout society. Drawing us into the following Sagittarian phase of what meaning do we take from these changes.

Mercury makes an easy trine with retrograde Jupiter, drawing upon the mental energy of surrender, decay and release. It is a time when we realise actual lifetimes are but a small part of the whole schema of things. Life transcends the present and so any struggling to be heard is a struggle of the solitary and small ego fighting for air. In mining the depths here, there is much gold to be found.

The new seed of realisation is sown in this balsamic phase of the lunar cycle. The collective need to create meaning out of what has taken place dawns. The process of understanding the dance of relationship has one aim in mind, towards some transcendent goal, towards finding spirit emanating from all of life. And so Mercury then enters Sagittarius.

November 19 will be a day of emotional excitement with great sensitivity, expectation and impatience. It is a day for repair and realignment as you work to fix some problem larger than yourself. One which affects those around you. But to do so you will have to confront the power of the group, those you deal with every day. This will help you realign your intentions in relation to theirs as superficial aspects get washed aside in the drive for depth of meaning. A day of great power and positive outcomes.

With depth of meaning comes great doubt as Mars squares Neptune, with both planets retrograde, from November 20 to 24. The doubt and helplessness are important precursors to raising a lot of questions about what you are doing with your life. 

It is a time to do some self reflection upon your actions. If they are in accord with who you are and want to be. Others may try to convince you about the errors of your ways but try to stay focused within and ask yourself the tough questions. At this time your energies will subdue even more than what they have been. Conserve your energies and confront your fears.

Do not push this and do not attempt to be devious as you can easily deceive yourself. Nothing forced, no excessive physical strain. At this time your immune system will weaken and allergies will surface along with your sensitivity to medications and drugs.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22 and the new cycle is about to begin with the New Moon on November 24 just as the influence of Mars and Neptune dissipates and Jupiter moves direct. Jupiter going direct will allow you to explore your responses with more freedom and enthusiasm. Given your optimism, there can be an inflated sense of expectation as well as an impulsiveness. 

There is a tension, an interplay as the two giants, Saturn and Jupiter, both in their own rulerships, and therefore comfortable in their expression, are both now moving direct and forming a novile aspect, forty degrees or the division of the circle by nine, together. The degree of testing. The proverbial forty days and forty nights which is a reference to the alchemist’s philosophical month of forty days being the amount of time they needed to allow a medicinal substance to macerate before proceeding to change or purufy its nature.

There are swings between optimism and pessimism as people begin to face their fears about what life would be like without the social structure we have grown up with and depend upon for the lives as we live them currently. There arises a renewed curiosity about the spiritual dimensions of life. As we all face this crisis together, what is done to help one person is done for all. So integrating your own needs with those of the group becomes a driving force. Ideals become more important at this time, especially as you feel tested as to how prepared you are for this. 

The interplay of both planets heralds a time of breakdown and renewal to come. The two planets will be novile to each other until late February 2023. Prior to the major changes expected from March 2023 when life becomes even more chaotic.

November 25 and 26 is marked by a restless intensity but without the productive conclusions. It is very much an internalised process of reordering as well as of formulation of new structures or frameworks for viewing society as a whole with this building First Quarter Moon. 

Coming to a head or some sort conclusion on November 28 and 29 when the Moon conjuncts Pluto and sextiles Neptune and Jupiter. The conclusions reached will be about putting something down in a concrete form. A decision about how to approach the coming crisis or a new way of viewing things which leads to an action plan.

Through the Signs:

All the indications are focused upon habits and habit patterns being challenged.


The focus for this month continues with relationships, specifically your habit patterns are scrutinised and demand some sort of change. As this impacts upon your perceived notions of how life is on the home front.


What you do from a sense of duty and responsibility does not involve a choice but an obligation. You are now pressured to take a harder look and be forced to delve into the decisions you make about who you wish to associate with. And to do this from the perspective of who you really wish to align with.


You are forced to look at how you cut yourself off from others with expectations about how they should be or behave. Be mindful of these lofty heights as you may just isolate yourself. 


All your trials are a part of tying up loose ends in order to begin a new phase next year. So at this time your unconscious habit patterns will become clearer and reveal how you have chosen experiences in order to shape your preconceived view of reality.


It is important to realise that how you take other people’s attitudes and behaviours is more reflective of yourself than them. What are you trying to enforce? Why do you feel threatened?


This month begins a closer examination of your needs. It is important to understand that your need for security drives the type of experiences you attract and the predictability of these. While some of your choices may appear to be aspirational, the old limitations you have accepted from others compromises how you truly wish to be.


This begins a phase for you where you are forced to examine yourself more consciously. Unexpected circumstances arise with unintended outcomes forcing you to acknowledge your own resistance to change. 


Challenges within your relationship are a projection of the fears you have yet to come to terms with. These fears seek acceptance and integration through a process of surrender. Relinquishing habits of the old self for the sake of the group.


Belonging to a group comes with obligations. Fears reflect the way you reach out to others. While you want freedom to make your own decisions, your actions do not help you achieve this.


The focus is upon “who am I?” Your unconscious response to this reflects all the relationships you have with others where there is inequality. Driven by obligation, you tend to overlook the actions that don’t tally with the persons you idealise or place above yourself. The challenge is to feel good about yourself and so make decisions which reflect this.


Your understandings shape your sense of belonging. The old conditioning is no longer tolerable and so the new form of the self begins to evolve.


You are being forced to change and feel the cold winds of resistance. The more you try to counter this, the more difficult will be the circumstances you find yourself in. And the more isolated you become.

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