Mercury moves direct from October 3, making this the time for action. No more reflecting and planning but striking out with your revised understandings to direct you. Making the changes you can and knowing what it is you need to let be as you cannot influence it, is the challenge here. To let go of feeling like a victim and to act upon a renewed sense of trust in yourself. This is empowerment. 

This is the end of the Air trigone or trinity, of the Mercury retrograde series, which began in September 2021. From your new sense of connecting with those around you or being selective about who you associate with, you will now begin to ground this understanding during the following period of the Earth trigone series of the Mercury retrogrades. This theme will finish at the end of 2023. In keeping with the earth element theme, the questions arising over this next period reflect the tangible results you see in your life. Whether these live up to your expectations and if they don’t then what adjustments do you need to take.

Mercury began its journey into Virgo from September 24 and so to October 3 it moved retrograde through this sign heralding a critical self reflection period. This has not been the time to move, emigrate, quit your job or spend lots of money but an invitation to be open to new opportunities which will help you become more effective in your life. This has involved reassessing your contact with the world, your liabilities and assets, your health and lifestyle. In becoming more organised you will free yourself up to be more effective and spontaneous. These themes are now entering a new phase for you, one which will come to fruition in September 2029. You are leaving behind this previous phase of reassessing your effectiveness which began in September 2016.

For now this Mercury retrograde period raised old issues and associations pertinent to the problems you are grappling with. These have arisen so they be understood and assimilated. If not then they will keep rising periodically over the next three months. To find some sort of resolution. Beginning this month the Sun opposes the cluster of outer planets and Mars in the earth’s annular migration around the Sun. So now is a time of reorientation and action which is supported by Mercury moving direct.

October 4 marks the First Quarter Moon cycle, this month focusing upon Libra. Relationships are symbolic of this sign but it also reflects the themes of connecting with life and what you require for balance and peace. This first quarter brings the first crisis point in these themes, creating a driving force for your actions. If you have not found peace then why are you stopping yourself? Is your lifestyle balanced or does something need to change? And what of your connections? Are they satisfying? Do they help sustain your way of wanting to be in the world?

The following day, October 5, with Moon conjunct Pluto, your emotions are intensified. Even though brief, it can produce some long lasting effects, especially with regards to the above Libran themes. Take particular care dealing with possessiveness and jealousy. A dynamic time for the late degrees of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Constraint is then the image that comes to mind for October 6.

October 7 can be good for immersing yourself in a good mystery novel and can be ideal for learning something new or being influenced by what someone has to tell you. Superficial matters will not arouse people’s curiosities today, or tomorrow for that matter.

October 9 can be a day of optimism and a bit of lightness so maybe think of something fun to do. It is part of the rest period, the first half of October. Of Pluto just as it moves direct. It has been retrograde since the end of April, stirring up much unconscious material, unrealised potential and hidden resources. Now these begin to find expression or a way of expressing themselves in your life. Then the Full Moon on October 10 illuminates the level of your effective participation in life.

Mercury moves into Libra on October 11 and so we feel the need to connect and clear the air with others. Clear up any misunderstandings or gain a better understanding of those around you. With the Sun trine to Saturn this will bring you much satisfaction if it is undertaken in a planned and deliberate way, it can bring lasting results. Finding an easy course of action, an easy way out, though will weaken your position. For at this time you will not have the energy to counter what is happening. So remain sensitive, open and honest.

The Third Quarter Moon on October 18 brings high energy and enthusiasm while feeling overly sensitive to any criticism of your resolutions to challenging and changing your life for the better. Understand this and stay your course, although taking heed of what may not have worked as well as you hoped can only serve to help you in the long run. This also marks a time of excitement and expectation, feeling everything has reverted to normal and going along at a good pace. 

This though is the illusion created prior to the movement of Mars retrograde at the end of this month. This will mark a three and a half month period when disruptions, constraints and frustrations will surface in your local area, as well as in communications of all sorts, particularly those of the media and government. These alterations in the final Mars retrograde with Pluto in Capricorn will bring out the fighting spirit of people. To address the inadequacies of how we should be governed. This fight for survival can bring out ruthless and compulsive behaviours with the expectation of endings and new beginnings next year. This is when Pluto finally moves in Aquarius and a new world order attempts to take hold. This can also mark the beginnings of populations wanting to exit the current way of life of modern society and embark on creating their own communities which uphold all that is important for them. So much upheaval to come but not for now with Mars about to move retrograde. In this phase everything requires effort.

In the final week of October, Saturn turns direct before Mars finally goes retrograde on October 30. The pace at which society moves, how our economies respond begins to slow down. On a transpersonal note, what you were grappling with in early June 2022 will not be fully realised until late January 2023. For now, it is the halfway point in this process.

In the final week of October we have the Sun and Venus moving into Scorpio, October 23, as well as the New Moon on October 25. This will mark the next solar phase of the year with Scorpio themes of hidden power and resources as well as feeling more in touch with your inner being. 

From October 24 to November 8, Mars makes an inconjunct aspect with Pluto, setting the tone of the Mars retrograde period. Over these two weeks a willfulness is prevalent. So it is important to keep in mind that any problems arising may relate to the manner in which you attempt to achieve your goals. Be mindful that at this time, passive aggressive behaviour, male chauvinism, power plays and other antisocial behaviours will be prevalent.

Around October 27, you will experience more obsessional thinking and compulsiveness. It is best this energy is contained to work upon your own matters or studies and not to react or attempt to challenge or change other people’s stances. In turning this energy inward you will ensure that by October 29 the situation you were seeking to challenge or address has changed for the better. Then Mars turns retrograde.

Through the Signs:


Something powerful is arising from your unconscious which establishes a new way of relating to others. This has been arriving for some time but now it feels more tangible than it did before. However, by the end of the month there will be the dawning realisation of the price of your renewed self which may sever some of your old ties including some family members.


There may be tensions within your relationship but these may indicate changes that need to happen to ease the problems arising at home. But maybe your relationship has gone as far as it can and so to resolve the issues at home you feel the need for a dramatic break. This is not a time when you have influence. Maybe talking to a counsellor may help but you feel very strongly about the need to act. So if unsure then try to work things differently.


This is an ideal time to seek help with challenging and changing the way you relate to others. Challenging old mental habit patterns, old outworn ways of connecting, now will create room for some powerful and deep shifts within.


As you throw yourself wholeheartedly into your work, your value system begins to unravel. Your notions of gain and loss begin to be challenged as they reveal what you really feel about your life.


There is an escalation this month of your own personal growth. You feel everything is supporting you to make these changes if you consciously consent to them.


This is the time for a final clearing up of old projects or issues. If things have not been working well for you over the past few years then it is time to clear the path and await your new growth. But this will take time still and in the present moment you need to do some further internal work, acknowledging your part in what has taken place.


This month challenges you to become a part of the team, to work in with others. To integrate and so stop isolating or shielding yourself from immersing with others. 


You now feel the value of your unique accomplishments. But these understandings will ultimately change what you aim for in life.


Your thought processes are beginning to change as you begin to see differently about how you interact. Eventually from these perspectives will evolve more refinement in what you wish to achieve. 


Other people’s values can be so different from your own and learning to live with them can feel threatening at times. Your old way of being in the world is now challenged and through this discomfort you can either learn to work with old friends and family in a new way or seek out a new group whose values accord more with your own.


You find your relationships are making greater demands upon you which feels repressive. What are your expectations of them and what are theirs of you? Remain mindful that you have chosen to be where you are and if this does not suit then it is up to you to change this.


In order to expand your awareness, you must keep an open mind. Events, particularly in relation to work, may challenge your thinking. But instead of seeing yourself as wrong, adjust to make peace with what is happening. You do not have to feel invalidated and your effectiveness, even though tested, will serve you well in the long run by stepping up to the challenges and dropping the seriousness.

As always with these, if you cannot make sense of your Sun sign then substitute you Rising sign. Better still, why not have an individualised reading by contacting me here

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