The month gets off to a flying start with Mars opposite Neptune from 2 to 4 September. Saturn also adds its influence into this mix bringing instability, inferiority and misdirected energy. This evokes either fear and victimization or courage and determination. You feel compelled to act, driven by your ideals as you feel forced to by the actions of authoritarian figures which are disempowering. More acutely sensitive to the remarks or criticisms of others, this marks a peak in the polarization within our societies. As Neptune rules drugs and disease, it is a marker of epidemics and so a period of increased disease activity and adverse vaccine reactions. This will create a stronger push to have the vaccination program rolled out with more force than we have seen yet. Remember your real strength lies in your sensitivity and ability to think critically.


This is a highly confusing time as the martyr-victim complex plays out heavily. So remember to breath before acting and allow the other person to own their own thoughts and ideas without you becoming a target of their frustrations. With the Sun trine to Uranus, there is also a deep desire to conform, fearing that freedom is slipping away. People are stubbornly reluctant to change and so the battle lines are drawn. Fighting for your beliefs feels as if it is reaching a flashpoint but this is not the case.


On 7 September the Virgo New Moon allows for a settling of the frenetic energy of the past few weeks. There is an increased awareness of how your words and actions impact others. Then Venus moves into Scorpio from 10 September, bringing a renewal of intensity into your relating. While this can be liberating for some, it can be oppressive for others.


The middle of the month is a particularly sensitive time. A time of great vulnerability as well as compassion. You may not be able to deal with the ugliness in the world and so a time for retreating or withdrawing to focus upon your own spiritual yearnings will be called for. It also marks a time to reflect upon yourself and what you aspire to. There is a yearning for an ideal life and given what has been transpiring, your vision of this may be clearer. At the same time there can be increased self doubt and defeatism as you may feel overwhelmed, finding it easier to just give in and do as you are told. At this time Mars also moves into Libra and these energies can bring out cooperation or adversity that lies below the surface. Mars remains in Libra until the end of October and marks a time when litigation will predominate the public sphere. Reinforcing this contest will be the transit of the Sun into Libra from 22 September.


Then 23 September is a good day for challenging your rigidity with Venus opposing Uranus and so taking a break from your everyday routine will be very rewarding. Then the end of the month brings warmth and a need for some indulgence with Venus square to Jupiter. Enjoy this and just be in the moment.


Through the signs:



It is not often you really feel the need to take care of yourself but this is such a time. However, your partner or close friend may demand you focus your energies upon them instead. Some counseling will help you find objectivity and realism to assist you with navigating this dilemma. Clarifying what you need.


While you can find a voice at this time and act graciously, there seems to be little you can do to prevent a compromising situation. But remember, regardless of the outcome you will never be powerless as you will gain some valuable insights.


It’s difficult at this time coping with the restrictions imposed by the lockdown. As what you really need is to spend more time with your friends and those who share your ideals as this is not happening so much at home. Get creative about how you can remain in touch with these friends and not get wounded by your obligations.


There is a lot going on at work at present and everyone wants a piece of your time. Make sure you separate this from your home life which needs to be a calm space to unwind.


Your understanding of reality will be challenged this month. Remember that not being able to yield to what is plainly obvious will come back to bite you. Your unconscious mind is demanding you examine your deeper motives.


You are a tower of strength and stability at this time. However, you still need to articulate your needs so you can feel some freedom at home.


Feeling victimized by others speaks to your own deepest fears. What are you attracting? Mental flexibility will allow you to be more open to what is unexpected.


Obligations are a source of tension at present. Friends can be testing but understand you need them as much as they need you. Keeping this reciprocation in mind will be important for resolving this inner conflict.


There is an impasse between what you want to do and what your career demands. It is as if you have to sacrifice your ideals in order to get ahead. Just remember this is never the case although it may seem like this at present.  Understand that you are also creating these conditions to be needed.


This month you wish to withdraw and feel you have to sacrifice this as life is demanding you step up. You feel compelled to ignore your own needs to keep the peace. Allow yourself some time-out to be creative and have some fun.


You have a lot to say now and this meets some smoldering resistance. Remember this will only occur in your public life and not at home or with your friends. Focus upon your spiritual or inspired life.


If there are issues with your relationship at present, remember your needs are important and compromising will help strengthen the relationship and not weaken it. The problem is that your partner has no idea how you are feeling because you do not express this.


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