We have been into our next period of Mercury retrograde for just over a week now. This one is the first in the earth series which we will be having this year and commencing in Capricorn. It raises the question ‘what are the tangible results of directing my energies in the way I have been doing?’ Does something need to change here, to become better organised or maybe do you feel you get the recognition you deserve? Are you aligned with what it is you are seeking? 

These are the questions also raised during the solar month of Capricorn. This week starts with the Full Moon and so the impact of your re orientation, your change in direction and purpose is now fully realised as it becomes more integrated with your home life and with those closest to you. 

There has been a lot of restless energy directed at securing things to become just as you need them with the Sun trine to Uranus in Taurus. And connected with the Mercury retrograde, there is an impatience to get things going, gather new resources with the burning sense of needing to complete what you have started. This is an intensely creative and educational time as well. So make the most of it.

Combined with Saturn approaching the fixed star Deneb Algedi, there is a drive in more consciously working towards making the world, and your world, a better place.

There is also in the background the purifying and refining qualities of Saturn and Neptune in aspect to each other and in their own signs. Another theme that comes across concerns lessons of non attachment in the drive to escape responsibility or with selfless and disciplined service for the betterment of everyone.

January 8 brings more intensity with the Moon opposing Pluto and can bring internalised or interpersonal conflict. These intense encounters are driven by guilt, jealousy, possessiveness or a desire to control your environment. 

These can all be surfacing. So take care with hastily coming to conclusions. However, you may also have a burning desire to express your pent up and justifiable frustration. Conflicts in love or frustrations with feeling undermined, unable to express yourself are amongst the outcomes. 

This overlay may thwart your week but it is not all bad news this week. It depends upon the way you utilise what’s happening. For there is also great potential when your energies are used in the right way. If others are preventing your expressions then the right way for you may be to simply withdraw and focus upon what you can achieve, especially if you are feeling uncertain in any negotiations.

January 13 may also bring a drop in your energy levels in the lead up to Mars moving forward again, so go slowly and listen to yourself. With this will bring some increased apprehension as you negotiate your new sense of assertiveness which becomes now more consciously directed.

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