The new year begins in an internalised manner with Venus and Mercury conjuncting Pluto bringing also peculiar contacts with others as well as strong creative urges. The New Moon in Capricorn highlights the theme of examining your role within the broader social context over this next lunar cycle. It is easy though, to get caught up in this externalised context at the expense of self reflection. At times of high stress we tend to go into an automatic way of doing things just so we can cope with what life throws at us. But at this time illness can interfere with your plans. 

At this time there is also a karmic dimension to relationship breakdowns, not only concerning intimate relations but of all kinds including those with housemates. Asserting beliefs create create tension, help assert our beliefs but this gives momentary comfort only. And because at this time there is a tendency to believe that once we spot our problems they are then almost solved. Whereas this not being the case. Our problems seem instead to multiply. We can get so caught up with ‘clearing out the rubbish’ in our lives that we can forget to stop and consider the seriousness of our problems. Of how entwined they are with our outlook and the way we operate in the world. This may be no longer appropriate for us.

The growth and development of faith and empathy comes when attuning to the hidden world. With trusting life. Aligning oneself with a set of ideals or a group cause immerses us in life, distracts us from a narrow self-focus with our particular needs. The flip side of this way of being is concerned with the limitations of logic with the power to detach ourselves emotionally from what is occurring in our lives but this inevitably isolates us. There is the opportunity here to understand what goes on within is our lack of appreciation for all potentials. What all individuals as a collective contribute. Every side has positive and negative aspects.

For what we are grappling with is our wounded individuality. In collapsing into the group-think we can cause unintended harm to others and so limit our own opportunities in the process. As this is a time for challenging and changing values, both materially and personally. Our own internal revolution is about to externalise and play a more active role in our lives as Uranus turns direct on 19 January. It has been retrograde since 20 August 2021 and so what has been brewing within since then will become pertinent once again in our dealings with others.

Also Mercury goes retrograde from 14 January, raising the question of what is the meaning of relationships in my life. This is a time to avoid buying machinery and electronics of all kinds as well as a caution to avoid signing contracts or initiate any projects. Instead at this time focus on researching if you can contain it to this. Then in a fortnight things will burst forth into action and plans can be quickly implemented.

Then by the end of the month, Venus will be moving direct. With this motion we become more easily influenced and be more attuned to our values and material needs. This marks a fitting closure for January in preparation for February when Mercury moves forward again.

Through the Signs:


This is a highly creative time but your influence stops there. Be aware that any attempts to prove yourself and shine will be thwarted. Remember to breathe. Seek expansive conversations that nurture empathy and expand your mind.


Your fight for freedom will take time. Remain steadfast and focus upon your own motivations as this will help you deal with others who may not see things as you do.


You possess the faith to move mountains. Do so with humility, without expectation or force, and then you can be surprised by what evolves. Expecting results will only bring you hurt and dissatisfaction.


Issues reappear as soon as you solve them. It is like trying to plug up a leaky boat with new holes appearing once you deal with the old ones. Take stock and recognise your own part in what is happening for that way you will gain insight into yourself without forcing your beliefs upon others but giving them the space and respect to find their own way.


Old limitations play out whenever you expect the same results from old habits or ways of operating. Friends and groups can help you open yourself to new experiences. Temper your impatience, question your own inner urgency. Take advantage of this time for developing new ideals which sustain the newly developing self.


This is a time for some soul searching instead of relying upon others to help you. Or in expecting this, you will be let down. Unanticipated outcomes will evolve from expecting too much, in the old way, or being impatient, for you are now challenged to take responsibility for what you attract.


Being of service to others at this time will further your own revolution, hopes and expectations. It is not a time for individualised expression but about being part of a collective and this will draw towards you new ideals and groups as well as peculiar friendships. At this time, any impatience to get ahead may bring sickness.


Forcing your own agenda with impatience will produce short lived results which will in turn disempower you. It will help to gain balance and give back as much as you expect to gain from your situation. There is only a win-win in this strategy but it is important to open yourself to being influenced as well as making unanticipated changes to your agenda. Focus upon your health and make those changes you had planned to do.


This can be a beautiful time for intimacy. So take a deep breath, put aside those plans for home decorating, lay low and enjoy the pleasures of simple company. No expectations just the sheer giving for the sake of merging with and understanding yourself better in the process. Be open to being influenced and this may revolutionise your outlook. However, make a distinction here between the obligations of others which can wear you down and make you sick.


At times it can feel like you can give too much and receive little in return. This month is no exception. But in protecting yourself, it is important to be aware of your habit patterns which may have served you in the past. Being dependent creates restrictions upon yourself. It creates its own uncertainty. A focus upon your work will help distract you from the constraints of interpersonal relationships.


There is an urge to break free from restrictive relationships, driven by your own neediness as well as by problems on the domestic front. A focus upon creative pursuits, self expression, simple pleasures or your children will offset any potential for running yourself into the ground and getting sick.


You are not particularly happy with what is expected of you right now or at work and would dearly love to break free from the excessive demands of others. It is important to find healthy ways of relaxing in the home or you could have to contend with sudden sickness.

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