Go slowly from the beginning of this month as there is a potential for accidents in this early part. The current pattern of instability and uncertainty about what will happen next continues to bubble below the surface. The tendency for resentment to build takes on a stronger impulse in early July. The energy is of the feeling that you have to go it alone, no one is understanding or listening to you. While it is important to stand up for what you believe and speak your truth, remember to do this in a considered way or you will invoke defensive responses and feel more isolated. Conflict can easily erupt as well in this touchy period so be mindful of this. Your feelings arise from a wounded part of you, buried so deeply but now ignited and it is your choice about how you respond. If others coerce you into reacting, take a deep breath and reflect before engaging. Displays of bravado really are attempts to soothe or compensate for the pain, self doubt and the fear lurking below the surface. At this time you can find it difficult to ask for help and feel the need to withdraw which is the central theme for this month.


Mercury moves into Cancer on July 11 reinforcing a period of insulation and reflection for the next sixteen days. Activities closer to home are emphasized here, withdrawing from the world somewhat and focusing more upon your family. This also marks the next lunar cycle with the New Moon in Leo occurring on July 10. Then on July 17 the Sun opposes Pluto, bringing intensity into your encounters. Try to remain conscious about being overbearing or you will invoke strong reactions from others and take care not to place yourself in vulnerable situations as the potential for violence is rife. But this will be for a day or two only and as well marks a time for an awakening. Then the Sun moving into Leo from July 23 and the Full Moon on July 24 will draw us out of this holding pattern with a desire to socialize and engage in the world.


What this means through the Signs:


You feel compelled to assert your needs, feeling stifled in relationship or having to consider others. Remember this is a balancing act which will not go your way if you are too forceful or bear a burden of resentment around this. It will be important to reflect before responding as you will tend to act unconsciously.


You can learn something from everyone but don’t try to compare yourself with others. Just achieve things to the best of your ability and know you will do a more than adequate job.


You believe your efforts can improve the current social conditions despite you having no direct role in this. There is a desire to upgrade your skills to make a better difference.


Friends who make demands upon you now will receive no joy as you need some independence from their entanglements. So you can do that which you feel required to do.


You resent the burden of your parents’ expectations of you as you need to feel free to follow your own path.


Postpone taking action until you have all the facts in hand. It is important you ask others for advice and then weigh this up. Impatience will cause more delays later than you are able to perceive now.


It is important to build your skills carefully rather than get impatient or indulge your own pleasures at the expense of future promotions. Determine your priorities and understand that you will need to make some sacrifices now to get ahead later.


You doubt your abilities to meet the competition and so withdraw when pressed, becoming silent and serious. It reinforces your early conditioning where you had to be independent from an early age and not rely upon help.


This is not a time where you will receive recognition for all you have done. It is important to focus upon the work at hand and know that others do respect your competence.


The uncertainty of the future should drive you to be more prudent and efficient with your resources. Time away from your family will serve in the long run to give your partner and children future security.


You face setbacks in your career at present and must accept this, waiting for better times. There will also be pressure from your parents but know any compromise will bring a certain loss of your own independence.


Not knowing when to be silent is your greatest weakness. Work at becoming more broadly informed and learn to acknowledge when you are out of your depth. So you can be more open to listening to others.


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