A prominent aspect this month is Saturn in Aquarius novile to Neptune in Pisces. Novile is forty degrees and the number of testing. It also represents the nine series with forty being the division of the circle by nine. So it is a testing through it representing the completion of something before the renewal and a new cycle. In short this combination is representative of the head testing the heart, the rational testing the intuitive.


There are though, many other analogies with this placement. Saturn now in Aquarius reveals the shortcomings of the group consciousness. Saturn does not take kindly to a consensus, viewing this as superficial as it defies critical thinking, standing out on one’s own and not minding being viewed as different. The prominent degree of Saturn reveals an image of uninspired conformity to limitation. In connection with Neptune in Pisces, the theme of belief weighs in heavily to force the issue of conforming or not. In other words, the challenge around believing in the status quo, media and government is strained to such a tipping point. And so invoking change, marking a new beginning. The shadow side of Neptune in Pisces is also about deception and so this fear is starkly contrasted with objective truth, polarizing society. Both sides believing whole heartedly in a different world view.


Our belief that democracy can solve all our ills wears thin when we watch the lack of government commitment to reversing climate change. The gusto being displayed with addressing the pandemic is not replicated in calling a halt to the destruction of our natural habitats. The efforts required to bring a halt to these crises falls short of our wishes just as our belief in the power of science being able to reverse these trends has as well.


What though has been coming to the fore from all this has been the eclipsing of the needs of the individual. We are looking for a transformation of our whole society and not a focus upon the betterment of individuals. But more of this in my next blog on the Neptune in Pisces period, spanning 2012 to 2026.


Most of June finds Mercury retrograde once again and in an air sign, Gemini. At this time you may question certain relationships, about the value of these and how they are serving you. It is also a time for evaluating the misinformation which abounds in society. And as always, avoid making decisions at this point, especially signing legal documents or making long term plans. Double check the work you do as mistakes can happen when details confuse things. Instead focus more within and listen to what your subconscious is saying.


From 22 June Mercury moves direct just as Jupiter moves retrograde. So growth and expansion stops as inner balance becomes necessary. A review of your inner values becomes paramount as your external support systems lose their significance. Also, from 25 June, Neptune moves retrograde as well. Our loss of ego control and boundaries may soften the often harsh and judgmental discourses taking place on social media. But it may also not have quite this impact when delusions go unchecked. However, the certainty and solidity of the world loses focus, softening as perceptions of reality are challenged. Throughout the Neptune retrograde cycle, the focus is upon giving birth to a certain aspect of self, clarifying and refining this. As to what this means individually, you will need this clarified through your chart reading.


Venus begins the month in the last degrees of Gemini and ends it in the first degrees of Leo. So a focus upon making your home a nurturing place will be supported. Then Mars moves into Leo on 11 June, beckoning you to stretch your creative potential. But prior to this, between June 4 and 6, Mars will oppose Pluto which brings a compulsive drive for power challenged by strong survival instincts and acts of extreme courage. With the dynamic of Capricorn and Cancer, this influence relates equally to the home and authority. It correlates to the possible ending of the Melbourne lockdown and it would seem from this perspective this will be unlikely. June 10 is the second eclipse in this current cycle with a central annular solar eclipse visible from Siberia, Greenland and northern Canada. In Gemini and conjunct Mercury, it speaks to the overwhelming multitude of ideas and views at this time. Do not look to how others are viewing things, stand within your own knowing.


Through the signs:


This month is a good one for you and not just because it is your birthday month either. At present you have found clarity and focus which allows you to get ahead. Whatever you put your attention upon you will achieve what you wish. Pay attention to your intuition.


Getting your own way at present will not serve you but instead undermine your position. Develop your intuition and remain open to friendly advice.


Your courage and daring matches your idealism. It is a great time to join with like-minded others where you can feel supported rather than shut down or controlled.


Good fortune and success shine upon you. But just remember you cannot help everyone. Sometimes they need to make their own mistakes and work out things in their own time.


A focus upon learning will help you distract you from trouble at home. Others will try to drag you into their problems and you may feel obligated to help. The problem is you can easily delude yourself into believing you have no choice in this but you always do.


You feel compelled to remove yourself from your past as it has a stranglehold upon you. This is a time when you can make this happen. All you have to do is chose and not be deceived by the others masquerading as victims.


It is a time for you to focus upon your relationship and if you are single then surprising breaks will happen from going out of your way to help others. However, some space is also required on the home front, to get away from the demands outside of the home.


Feeling the demands of others, you cautiously assess what it is you feel up to providing. It is important you remain sensitively aware of your boundaries and how your fear of loss compels you. Get creative!


While you may feel without the power to chose, stand your ground cautiously as others will compel you to act. Be sensitive to your needs and believe in yourself.


Focus upon your home this month, knowing you can best address these details. In other areas of life, you lack this same focus and being very sensitive you cannot tolerate harshness.


Home drives your choices and this can be a bitter pill to swallow. However, in reality it is your indecision which entraps you. So refocus upon yourself and stop trying to meet others’ expectations.


An abundance of ideas percolate into your conscious mind. This is a good time for preparation but not forging ahead as your way will be thwarted if you try.


As usual, if you cannot make sense of your Sun sign description, then try using your Ascendant instead or contact me to have your chart done.