This month life springs into action with Mercury turning direct from June 3. Amongst many things, it sees active debate around the public mandates and other health directives. The battle lines are drawn by truth between what is conspiracy versus government propaganda hotly contested in society with the first quarter Moon on June 7. On a side note, the drawing of transiting Neptune to the closing degrees of Pisces brings into question the holy ground of germ theory which won the ‘public’ debate 160 years ago between Pasteur and Beauchamp. The theory now stands on very shaky ground.

This month we see Saturn turning direct as well, on June 4, followed by Neptune towards the end. The ideas Saturn draws out have echoes from August 2021 when it began its retrograde motion. The current effectiveness of social policy is called into question as resentments build with the new retrograde period set into motion again for another nine months.

There is a misplaced optimism within government and media circles, believing their vision of our future will be guaranteed when it is uncertain. A period of waiting is finally over and now action motivated by an inner urge for freedom takes hold. The following 47 days of Mercury moving forward to the superior conjunction with the Sun will be the period of intense activity with the marketing of fresh ideas and people starting to trust their own instincts. If well prepared, difficulties can be anticipated and avoided. 

It is a time to carefully observe what is happening in the public domain where consequences of public policy will be ignored in the push to test the untested. Everything prefaced with the view of recreating order and congeniality. Behind it all is a push for more power and there are perceived opportunities that this push will inevitably win. However, the government will underestimate the pushback from large sectors of the population producing a sudden and fortunate turn of events.

The deepening interest in people wanting to know about what is going on below the surface from June 10 is seen in Mercury trine Pluto. Followed quickly by Venus conjunct Uranus on June 11 with unexpected outcomes and disruptions. This will test relationships where they are viewed more objectively than they are usually. There will be a need to do something different or stimulating today to offset these energies. 

The public discourse gains momentum with the arguments regarding what is the truth behind public disruptions with Mercury moving into Gemini on June 13 followed by the full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14. The acknowledgement of health issues being only superficially understood will drive the frenzy. This period is consolidated personally with the Sun trine Saturn on June 16 where individuals will reaffirm their commitment to how they see things and what they want to achieve. 

Along with this, the Sun trining Neptune will stimulate an innate idealism, disillusioning some who had little idea of the disparity of their ideas from those they once held close. This relates to Venus square to Saturn on June 18 when a stronger sense of isolation and despair oscillates as once close relationships start to disintegrate. 

This is an ideal day for some time out to reflect upon your situation. It will help ease you into a more sensitive engagement on June 19 with those likeminded individuals that you are close to. It is a great day also for doing something creative or for walking in nature, more attuned to beauty. This will exert a powerful effect and sensitise you to the needs of those you love.

The last quarter of the Moon comes on June 21 with the Sun in the final degree of Gemini. This will help you with integrating the communications over the past month through understanding instinctually what belongs to you and what was extraneous information that held no place within your psyche. In preparing you to evaluate those past interactions, your understanding deepens and your connections to something greater than yourself strengthens. It will help to focus upon beautifying your home and creating harmony within your local area as Venus then moves into Gemini for the following month.

June 27 will be a good time for careful planning with Mars sextile to Saturn. You will possess more frugality with greater patience to examine things in detail and reorientate yourself or make finer adjustments. This is before Neptune begins to move retrograde on June 28 which will mark a 9 month period of eroding and dissipating the values and goals of society which you find to be false or based in fantasy. 

It is in the latter degrees of Pisces that Neptune becomes focused upon universal principles governing our interactions within the broader society. It helps us to move beyond a consensus reality into a more personal and spiritual one where you find yourself deeply bonded to the fabric of everything. Closer to the omniscient truth of life. In the process it enables individuals to create a new or slightly different way of perceiving reality based upon what has taken place with events leading up to this. 

Then we come to June 29 where the new Moon in Cancer brings forth a cycle of our unfolding sense of belonging. The reinforcement of the Sun square to Jupiter and Venus sextile to Jupiter also brings great hope for the future.

What does this mean for you:


You possess greater depth of understanding than is normal for you with a natural consistency of feeling and thought. It is as if you are tuned in an a deeper level and have a strong sense of the displays of power. In the past you will have complied to fit in with everyone but now you feel a strong urge to take a stand. Great satisfaction will come when you connect with others who are aligned with your beliefs.


You feel compelled to go along with things as if you have no choice. While you can clearly articulate your ideals, it is fear driving your choices now. Withdraw if you feel pressured and wait for the next month when you will have a better sense of autonomy. 


It is important you examine your motivations behind those you have chosen to associate with. It may speak to your values but your presence will be compelling and so you will influence others with great ease. However, there will be repercussions resulting from this level of persuasion if your motives are not altruistic.


While you feel you have little choice but to comply with the decisions of others, it is important to remember you are aware of what is going on and this can have its advantages. Because it will all work in your favour in the long run as working in dialogue with others is what you require.


You are strongly obligated to comply, not only compelled by family but also by your partner. This fits with how you see yourself. It is more important for you to belong than to stand out alone on principle.


Your strong obligation to family stops you from doing what it is you need to do. But your relationships are so fulfilling and important, they mitigate many problems associated with this.


You are free to do that which you wish because your strength in planning will ensure financial stability and free you from obligations to others.


You have worked hard to get where you are and have fulfilled all those obligations expected from you. This firmly cements your sense of belonging. But now what is called for is a breaking away from some of your roots. in doing so you will feel much relief.


You are deeply affected by social upheavals. Your mindset at these times is focused upon the weakest members in the community. At this time your ruminations are strong and feel impossible to manage. Breaking this pattern may come from freeing yourself from those who hold you back. Or did you choose to remain committed out of a fear of being truly powerful?


Previously you have made sacrifices to honour the wishes of you family. But now you feel compelled to redefine what it is you require for security and a sense of belonging.


Never before have you felt such power to dramatically alter your life’s course and become more truly that which you need to be. The stage is set, it just requires your commitment to stay on your chosen path.


Your efforts will never be wasted but at times like these it takes a leap of faith to understand this.

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