In some ways it is a month of quiet repose, beginning with Pluto moving retrograde once again, as it does for five months each year. Survival fears, feelings of powerlessness and death of the ego are the themes which arise during this period. At the beginning though, there is a period of quiet contemplation of your own powerlessness within the vastness of the universe. Depending upon the house placement of Pluto in your natal chart, this will qualify how this transit specifically affects you. In the broader social contexte, disenchantment with government and authority figures in general begins to percolate to the surface.


Saturn also turns retrograde from May 24. Lessons around containment of ego with thoughts for others come to the surface. This may also be around allowing other people’s points of view rather than considering your own to be beyond any doubt. As always, these planetary forces moving retrograde begin softly and gain momentum, having a direct impact upon you as they move back over your own natal planetary positions.


Jupiter moved into Aquarius in December 2020 and then on May 15, it will move briefly into Pisces before returning to Aquarius at the end of July again for the remainder of the year. In the last degrees of Aquarius, Jupiter aspects Uranus in Taurus bringing about a tension between the freedom to grow and the insecurity of poverty. There is a movement against authority figures and the old traditions that antagonize your sense of fairness and justice and a drive to rid yourself of material concerns which restrict your ideals. This is about the raising of social consciousness through collective action rather than through individual efforts. Then in Pisces, albeit briefly, Jupiter sets lofty and spiritual ideals, ideals not of this world becoming of more paramount importance.


On May 26 there will be a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius with its peak being over the areas of Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. With Mars in hard aspect to the Sun-Moon combination, safety fears arise. As always, for yourself this will depend upon their placement in your specific natal chart to accurately highlight its meanings. However, the placement of the nodes speaks to difficulty with perceiving the truth from the myriad of details in the public domain. An excessive sense of self righteousness gets in the way of judging things fairly. There is a lot of distraction with busily trying to do too many things and in the process losing sight of what is fundamental and important in your life as well as being ignorant to your immediate circumstances.


Through the signs:



You need to learn to breath, relax and not press forward at a time when you are caught up in restlessness and wanting to push ahead with your plans. This is not the time for having your influence felt.


Remain open to sudden insights at this time. These can offer you much needed protection if you learn to trust yourself.


Breakdowns in relationships with friends will force you to re evaluate what image of yourself you are trying to nurture or project. Learning to let be and trust how things will unfold will help ease your angst.


The key to your masterful positioning lies in your connection to that wounded part of you.


Fighting to remain independent and true to your own ideals will exacerbate your powerlessness. Being open to learning more about your process of surrendering will prove a more fruitful venture.


Keeping the peace does not always help you to achieve that which is important for you. What are you sacrificing in this process?


Power comes through connection, family and your past. The choices you feel obliged to make help to soften and open you.


Attend to your health more by resting and rejuvenating. Creative pursuits need to be also emphasized.


There is much power in being able to direct things in the way you see fit without needing to adjust yourself to the wants and needs of others. This though is balanced by your need to compromise on the home front.


Your home is a hive of activity, extending you in many ways. Take care not to get too stressed.


At this time you experience much restlessness and impulsiveness. Remember to moderate this with some down time.


Friends at this time may try to coerce you when what you want is the freedom to make your own decisions, to come to your own conclusions.


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