While we have come out of the Mercury retrograde period of last month and are now busily getting things done with life shifting quickly, November will continue the theme of introspection with its penchant for self examination. It marks an annual turning point with our own internal revolution with the Sun moving to oppose Uranus retrograde. The zodiac pairing of Taurus and Scorpio focuses upon building, limiting and concentrating the self, only to make way for a death of our way of being. The assumptions we have taken for granted about ourselves are now called into question. Particularly now as we are able to interact with others and get on with our lives, yet adjusting to this after such a long time in relative isolation. Assumptions about ourselves which no longer fit our expectations of ourselves will be cast off. There is grief involved in this process as we feel these assumptions have allowed us to live a lie somewhat.


But this change brings relief as well as a newfound courage, exhibited in the transit of Mars through Scorpio. However, between 9 and 11 November Mars squares Saturn. This accident-prone time demands thought and patience. Beware of recklessness and others’ frustrations which are liable to boil over. Then between 15 and 18 November Mars then opposes Uranus bringing an impatience and impulsiveness not usually felt. As such this marks another accident prone time, especially for the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. It can mark a disruptive time, especially when challenged by aspects of yourself, so fitting and integrated previously but now forcibly disowned. Think back to five months ago and see if you can recall the struggles you had then and now understand how your current circumstances force a resolution to the issue.


This concludes with the Taurus full Moon and lunar eclipse on 19 November. With the paired solar eclipse on 4 December, this ecliptic period usually sees the death or passing of public or notable figures.


All this serious soul searching though settles with the Sun moving into Sagittarius on 21 November, marking the beginning of the festive season. However that may look for you now. So prior to this will be a good opportunity for that internal spring clean over the first three weeks of November with the pairing of Taurus and Scorpio, in preparation for the celebration. The spring clean will help to mitigate much of the internalized crisis.


Through the signs:



This could be an accident-prone time when you over estimate your abilities. Listen to family to gain a more realistic perspective. Stay closer to home and do the spring clean.


You feel very frustrated by obligations thwarting your own ambitions and so limiting your freedom. But at this time you must understand you are powerless to influence and so it would be best to just talk through the issues with a friend.


This could be your time to challenge your assumptions about yourself, change and feel better for it. This will help you to alter those patterns you have at home which in the background have been sabotaging what is most important to you at a deeper level.


Freedom at home means clearly perceiving what needs to change and possessing the tenacity and seriousness to carry this out. Make the most of this opportunity.


You now possess such clarity to challenge the no longer relevant understandings about yourself. This though will challenge your existing security blanket but will make way for a more authentic way of being. So make the most of this opportunity.


Your sense of security is challenged by your need to fit in and be part of the group. Rather than the individualized way of being which has been your birthright but has in effect isolated you.


Like the advice for Scorpio, take heed and also ‘walk slowly’. Your freedom is also restricted by those closest to you while in reality it is about your own internalized revolution, frustrated by your own stubbornness to change. Making sacrifices at this time will prove advantageous. At this time you will have more clarity for self examination and relinquish those beliefs holding you back.


Sacrificing your needs for those of the group will help ease your frustrations. This is not the month to be influential but to be influenced.


This month promises to be a good soul searching period for you. The challenge relates to what you assume you need to do in order to fit in with everyone else. You will possess more clarity to see how you compromise yourself and changing this will help you to find your true tribe.


The supports you have thought you needed to get ahead are now being seriously challenged. While you feel compelled to oblige others you are not without power to make choices for yourself. This will prove to be freeing and give you more credibility.


This month provides a very fruitful opportunity as you have the clarity required to challenge your outmoded beliefs about yourself.


Your need to be valued by others lies at the heart of this challenge with the realization of having to sacrifice your own needs in the process.


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