The first period of Mercury retrograde for 2023 occurs in the sign of Taurus and commences on April 21 at 6:35 PM AEST and finishes on May 15 at 1:17 PM AEST. Taurus governs security, finances, possessions and all things of beauty in your life. Everything that entices your senses. And Mercury rules communication.


When we combine this with Taurus we see communication difficulties in these particular areas. Things such as house purchases, beautifying the home, refinancing, buying objects of beauty and practicality, rethinking your security concerns, changing tastes for food and drink or even getting the wrong food delivered.


Mercury is the trickster and so messes with communication. If you can avoid it, do not move, quit your job, emigrate, travel or spend a lot of money. And if any of these things cannot be avoided, then make sure that your plans are clear as miscommunication and misinformation will be rife. So for instance, if moving house just double check you have ordered the removalist for the right day. Also, as usual, avoid signing contracts but if these can’t be avoided then make sure they are very clear and you have them verified by a solicitor.


Mercury retrograde occurs approximately every 3 months or so and for the 2023 group they occur in the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. So there is a self-reflective focus this year upon your personal effectiveness. These are times when you question security matters, practical concerns and your most basic needs.


Whether this concerns your health, the state of your home, your job or career satisfaction, any doubts will be more intensely examined by you. And while you question these things, any attempt to get ahead and strive to accomplish things will be frustratingly slow. Because you are being forced to stop and spend time in order to fully appreciate the gravity of what it is you are not happy with.


Those especially affected will include those whose birthdays fall between April 26 and May 6, July 29 and August 8, October 29 and November 8, and lastly January 26 to February 4. Give or take a day either side of these dates as these are approximate given each year is slightly different.





It is the ‘down time’ human activity requires, just like the seasons. It occurs when Mercury moves between the Earth and the Sun just like the New Moon. Its motion though begins to slow down for about a month prior to moving retrograde. So you may notice human activity slowing down somewhat.


Then during the retrograde period, in the first 11 days, up to May 1, you will be forced to examine your personal circumstances. This is an internally intense time, not externally noticed by others. If your frustrations are quite extreme then this will reflect the urgency of addressing issues in your life.


During this time you will also receive messages from your unconscious in the form of dreams as well as symbols, images and signals heightening your intuitive powers and guiding you to make better choices about your situation.


Then at this point, when Mercury is exactly between the Earth and the Sun, the seed of your resolutions will be planted. To then move into the next phase, engaging the energy of the Sun, the energy of the will and ego consciousness. In making things conscious and more concrete.


This also marks a time to rest and recuperate prior to the launch and ‘full speed ahead’ notion with your new plans when Mercury moves forward again. It also marks a time of researching your landscape. What you have that will assist your new resolutions or plans. It is a highly educational time and creative in your birthing of new ideas about the practicalities of your life. These new ideas and plans will then have forty seven days of trial before they are again tested.


For each of us the effects will be different according to the area of you natal astrology chart that is impacted. But for now, more generally, the focus is upon your most basic needs and your sense of security.