Feelings intensify this month as four planets slow their pace in retrograde motion before turning direct. Mercury only recently turned retrograde, at the end of last month, and won’t turn direct again for three weeks. In the sign of Libra, this indicates difficult social relations, redirecting your attention to what you choose to create and nurture within your relationships. Incidents of this nature you have been grappling with over the past six weeks begin to surface. But taking direct action will not bring satisfying results. For this time demands of you to reflect and develop a plan for managing your crisis after Mercury returns to direct motion. Now is a time for rest and recuperation. A time to repair, reorganize and realign your priorities. As always, the advice for Mercury retrograde is for no signing of contracts, initiating new enterprises or making big purchases if you can avoid them.


Pluto slows to a halt before moving forward from 6 October and challenges us to once again find integrity and emotional fortitude in working with the shocks that have been hanging over us since May 2021. Then Saturn turns direct on 10 October allowing for a more conscious manifesting of what has been brewing in your life since February 2021. The last planet to go forward is Jupiter and should prove to be more explosive than the others. While Saturn is about considering everyone else, your obligations to them, Jupiter reminds you of your obligations to yourself. It has been a reminder of everything we don’t have and we have been mourning this loss since June 2021. The end of September 2021 saw overinflated expectations going nowhere and so inadvertently increasing tensions during early October 2021.


Uncertainty in your immediate environment brings restlessness with anxiety or excitement. We grapple with rebellion and caution, exacerbated by the Full Moon in Aries on 20 October. So remembering to breath, to create space around your impulsiveness which will help produce better outcomes. But this is a difficult balancing act when dealing with one’s blocked emotions which are now surfacing. This is a warning against making hasty decisions. This will feel particularly pertinent in the build up, between 13 and 18 October. So delay everything if at all possible. Take some time off from work and relieve yourself of all unnecessary pressures. There will be relief in doing this. Try to focus upon calming and soothing activities. So more emphasis upon music, gardening, cooking, sleeping, playing with your children and pets. Maybe meditating and fasting, whatever works for you. Stay away from television and social media. As always get some balance by talking things over with someone you can trust. Then the results will be more satisfying and lasting.


With the direct motion of all these planets will come expectation of results but this will come in the form of our own internal resolve. This reflects Mars squaring Pluto on 21 October and then the Sun moving into Scorpio from 22 October. Mars then moves from Libra into Scorpio from 30 October. Bringing a close to the period of upheaval marked by the Libran phase. The theme gradually emerging out of all the societal chaos is one of tuning into yourself and what you require. It highlights the difficulties associated with group consensus and so focusing upon happy soulful experiences will be more satisfying.


28 October is auspicious for happiness and abundance and so make nice plans for this day! Then the month will close with a more subdued energy.


Through the Signs:



The fine balancing act of having your own needs met while keeping in mind the demands of others is tricky. Remember you will never lose when you assess things and make choices based upon this. For then you are not acting from a sense of woundedness which can be all too evident to you.


Make the most of withdrawing and laying low during this time. You will not be influential and your home is calling for you to focus upon these needs. This action precedes the next month when the emphasis will be upon your Sun Sign.


With your ruler, Jupiter, slowing and coming back into forward motion, you will feel the tugs of impatience more than most. However, the advice given above will prove more pertinent to you than most.


Just like Sagittarius, you will feel compelled to act, believing you have a platform at present to carry this. However, these impulses are misguided. Healing at this time lies within your home.


Taking this advice of resting and rejuvenating is not a struggle for you at present. Make the most of this. Your calming qualities will also help others at this time.


You will have little or no problem with the advice of withdrawing at present. However, make sure you talk through issues as they arise instead of hoping they will disappear as they won’t.


This will be a very trying time for you as well. Your compulsions will be thwarted, so tune in and be more attentive to what’s happening around you.


Work and career obligations force you to act. Your resentment finds little support and so you must decide if aligning with your need for freedom and your ideals outweighs these obligations.


Aligning with your principles at this time is not so restrictive for you as instead you feel you can shine.


While you will find it easier to withdraw into your home life, take care to moderate any excesses.


The past year and a half has been extremely challenging for you and now is no different. However, it is a good time for connecting with others and talking through what is coming up for you. This you will find immensely satisfying.


This is a perfect time for your spring detox. Immensely satisfying, lifting your spirits and will alleviate chronic complaints.