As we approach six months in lockdown in many societies across the world, there is a sense of resignation, of things never returning to the way they were as well as a lot of suppressed anger and rebellion. All the outer planets, apart from Mars, are now retrograde for this month, trine to the Sun in our earth’s yearly migration around the solar system. And the homecoming as the cluster of outer planets voyage back towards the Sun. Back to their Solar expression. This brings with it a pause, a stillness, resignation, complacency with introspection. This is our view of these planets slowing down, for September anyway. This month begins with the Pisces full moon and with this a clearer vision of what duty and service means to you as the Sun navigates the last half of Virgo. A strong sense of injustice and misdirected anger may be due to an overwhelming lack of control you are currently experiencing. With Spring in the air there is though a renewed sense of optimism as well as a need to reach out and be with others now Mercury is in Libra and Venus about to move into Leo.

What it means for you:


Service is one thing but being exploited is another. Look carefully at the associations you form at this time as you are vulnerable to what others say and may be more easily lead. if you are being pressured to act quickly, demand the space you need to reflect and seek the opinions of those you trust.


You gain a lot of satisfaction from helping others at present. Listening to their concerns will suit you well and help distract you from the difficulties at home.


You compare yourself to others as you may be struggling, feeling despondent when they might appear to be achieving a lot. At the moment you need to just take stock and prepare for when your life can move ahead as well. Remember, we do not move at the same pace as each other and be kind to yourself as your time will come.


Now is the time to focus your attention upon your home as you possess the sensitivity to create objects of beauty around you. Or at least imagine what your idea home would look like.


If you are feeling restless, with a need to act decisively, temper this by heeding the advice of your partner or those closest to you because your sensitivity at this time can bring with it confusion, self-doubt and uncertainty.


At this time avoid risk-taking or gambling on a hunch. As you may be overly keen for this to work, convincing yourself of its worth when this is unfounded. Otherwise this is a good time for honing in what values are most important for you.


You are keenly aware of your impact upon others at this time which goes a long way toward minimising conflicts amongst your friends and like-minded associates. Your insights and assistance are sought out when all you wish to do is withdraw, to avoid any unpleasantness. Don’t let others take advantage of your generosity.


The problems at this time deeply disturb you, impacting significantly or having destroyed your business. However, you are not so attached to your possessions or the value of things, placing more value upon your sensitivity and ability to rise above the mundane and so reinvent yourself. 


It is important your goals are aligned with improving the quality of life for those around you. Only then will you succeed or be content with your achievements and in the process reawakening a more personal liberation.


You can be intimidated by the expectations of others, feeling deeply obligated to them but also not wishing to challenge this either. However, your attitude can shift if you want it to by simply recognising your fears. You do not need to do something just because it justifies the life you live or gives you a purpose. You are not what you do, what profession you have. In stubbornly persisting you cause harm to yourself as well as others.


Take care not to bow to others who profess to know more than you. This sense is intensified by a fear of the hold and power others have upon you, which is unfounded. Reclaim your power, not fearing loss as you will be fine. Beliefs of self vulnerability can just be a finely tuned sensitivity which actually displays strength. Allow yourself to not know, allow yourself to be ignorant, in the knowledge of your changing field of ideals and beliefs to come.


Your life is changing, the old order is passing away and the new will take its place. You want to free yourself to undertake a new direction. Shared resources though can be cause for misunderstandings. So be careful with borrowing money at this time, particularly from friends or where the understanding of terms is mirky.                   

Remember if you have difficulty understanding the message from your Sun sign then look to your Rising sign or book in a more detailed and accurate understanding of yourself and your life at the moment. Just follow the links to book in an astrology reading with myself.

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