Neptune in the fourth house can affect us very profoundly as it signifies our connection to the rest of life with feelings of belonging being thrown into confusion. Crossing the cusp, the IC, provides a time for an inward focus, a re evaluation of your innermost needs and urges. It could result in a period of malaise. This point in the chart as likened to beginnings and endings and therefore an inwardly sensitive and confusing time, dislodging you from your frames of reference to reinvent what connection in this world means for you. It is the house of the private parent, earliest memories and your home life. Long forgotten experiences can arise or your current circumstances may parallel these old memories. Giving you a chance to heal childhood issues. One parent may be undergoing difficulties related to illness, depression or major life changes, touching you in a way that you have great compassion and understanding for them and maybe even having to look after them. Another manifestation can be the arisal of a strong urge to create your ideal home.



Neptune in the fifth house, our house of spontaneity, choice, childbearing and creativity brings with it a sensitized response with the freedom of expression this house allows. This includes both the highs and the lows. And Neptune augments our creativity. In matters of romance, it can signify falling for someone who is unavailable or your idealized partner can never match the reality. Under children, there can be sacrifices in the birthing process alone as child rearing relates to the fourth and tenth houses. Maybe a child who is born while their mother has Neptune transiting her fifth house may mean the mother will have to make sacrifices for her child, requiring some special care. Her baby may be dreamy or creative or have difficulty relating to the world. Your children at this time may go through some emotional crises or you may have to come to terms with that you can only protect them so much. It could signal unplanned pregnancies or the loss of a baby while pregnant. Take care as to what medications you may be having if you have transiting Neptune in the fifth and are pregnant for the unborn baby will be more sensitive to medications and all substances than may be normally the case.


Neptune transiting the sixth house brings awareness to your health and workplace. Sensitivity to your environment increases and your defenses are weakened, making you more susceptible to getting sick or becoming intolerant of foods for the first time. Another thing to be aware of is your sensitivity to alcohol and other drugs. There may be adjustments or sacrifices required in your work or you may be forced to remain in an unsatisfying job purely for financial reasons. Others can take advantage of you more easily at this time and you find yourself in a position where you have no freedom to choose otherwise and so have to sacrifice yourself. You may become dissatisfied with the drudgery of your life and yearn for something more glamorous. The flip-side of this can also occur where you begin to perceive the beauty in simple tasks which you previously had overlooked. Maybe also you could begin working in the welfare sector, looking after people in need. Or maybe you are able to break into employment which demands of your creative flair. Whatever the circumstance it signifies a time of ego-denial.