With Neptune transiting the seventh house, the crisis and change occurs through close relationships. If you meet someone new during this period, you will idealize them only to then have to deal with the disappointment of this partner being a flawed human being when the illusion has worn off. If you are already in a relationship, if it is less than ideal then complications will surface, trying to get you to see the façade you are living. You may have to go through a separation or a divorce with Neptune trying to teach you to let go. It may be that you feel let down by your relationship and have to face giving up the idea of marriage or a close relationship. You may feel robbed of the chance for intimacy, to lose yourself in someone else and come to terms with your feelings of abandonment. However, if your relationship is strong it may also get stronger. You may begin to understand things about your partner you had never noticed before. This house also signifies business partnerships and so you need to be careful here of confusion and deception. It is important to be thorough so you have a clear understanding of expectations and not assume these things are understood or misunderstandings will occur. Like the first house this transit brings great sensitivity to your interactions with others as well as the potential for a victim/martyr complex.


With Neptune in the eighth house, the misunderstandings occur in your transactions with others. It is important to read the fine print as it brings vagueness and gullibility. You may unconsciously set yourself up to fail or be tempted to fool others. Maybe your partner could be experiencing financial difficulties or you felt you were mislead by your expectations of your partner’s financial stability. Maybe there is a crisis where you come to understand you and your partner have very different value systems. Like with Neptune transiting all the houses, it is dependent upon how well positioned your natal Neptune is and what planets it aspects as well. Neptune is asking you to give up something in the vein of beliefs and values you hold in your relationship. There could also be confusion over an inheritance. Neptune dissolves your sense of separateness and another area touched by this planet here will be the sexual sphere where you lose yourself in someone else. Whilst this can be very healing, in other circumstances you may have to give of yourself or sacrifice yourself for someone else. Maybe your sexual identity may change as you begin to yearn for greater fulfillment or try to break free of the confines of a stifling relationship in this regard. This transit can also bring with it a deeper understanding of death and the process of dying. This can be an extremely enriching experience. If wishing to die during this transit, it will be important to clarify your need for a psychological death rather than a physical death and seek out counseling to assist you in this process. Because once again it is a very sensitized position in your natal chart and you are more open than usual to all sorts of influences. You may have a strong need to develop your psychic abilities or delve into the other realms of existence.



In the ninth house, Neptune continues with this theme but making it a more conscious process by broadening your awareness of that which you are perceiving. And building a framework in order to understand and situate your experiences. There could be great confusion in your searching for a higher truth but understand this disillusioning process is an important part of letting the old go to make room for the new. But be careful if you get involved in spiritual groups because you are susceptible to surrendering your own power for something greater than yourself. In rediscovering a new philosophy by which to live though, you may be called upon to give up or abandon your birthright or wealth. Remember devotion is the antithesis of an intellectual revelation or discourse and is fundamental to dissolving of the ego. You may experience disappointment with the philosophical outlook you have embraced or developed only to find it does not live up to your expectations at this time. You will need to seek amongst the ashes to find a new perspective within all the confusion and uncertainty. Travel is something most of us no longer do but if you anticipate some travel, your plans may let you down.