Neptune in the tenth house begins with it first crossing the MC or midheaven. This brings a period of great confusion as to what it is you want to be doing with your life. Where you are heading. You may be disappointed by having had your expectations dashed. Allow for this disintegration and trust it will work out for the best if you do not force things as in doing so, you will not be clear and others will not understand you. You may have high hopes for yourself and these will most likely be thwarted. There may be an urge to find your true vocation, being dissatisfied with what you have been pursuing or it has not lived up to your expectations so far. There may be a yearning to follow your dreams and view what you are doing as boring and mundane. The delusion you experience will dissolve your old ways to make room for the new.


Following on from the crisis of defining your position in society, Neptune in the eleventh house challenges your ideals and life goals. You begin to re evaluate what is important and who you wish to be associated with. The greater the crises the more profound the shift in your values, with how you need to be. There is a challenging of who you are as a person and thus which groups you choose to identify with and which do not support your unfolding self. The crisis may come after losing yourself in a group as a way of escaping other problems in your life. These people may appeal and initially give you a renewed sense of self worth. But then comes the dawning of feeling deceived, feeling you are not being true to yourself. You may also attract friends who want you to rescue them and this may seem appealing for a time as you identify with helping others. But then eventually you tire of the relentless requests to save or help them with little or nothing being reciprocated. The feeling of abandonment sets in. This transit may also see you supporting a friend through their death process and this is then enriching, given Neptune’s capacity for compassion and sensitivity. Through this process you will be redefining who you are.


With Neptune in the twelfth house you are drawn back into yourself as having redefined your values and who you are. It is then time to focus upon spirituality and your unconscious mind. It reveals what is hidden in you, sensitizing you to all impressions. This house is also associated with institutions such as prisons and hospitals but also welfare organisations, orphanages, day care centres, libraries and museums. Any of these may play a role in your finding a depth to life transcending the boundaries of the ego in preparation for Neptune then crossing the Ascendant with a rebirth of your new way of being in the world.