If you have had you natal astrology chart constructed then you will be able to reflect upon the challenges and aspirations you are currently encountering. Here is a brief outline of some of the key aspects to this transit. I acknowledge Howard Sasportas’ book ‘The Gods of Change’ for my referencing of these transits.


Neptune in the first house, crossing the Ascendant, dissolves your sense of self and how you are with others in the world. How you respond to others and how you see yourself. It may be marked by an initial period of doubt and confusion and from which you become more sensitized to and critical of your automated way of viewing yourself and how you allow yourself to be treated by others. Feelings of abandonment and neglect are common and so it can be an important time to get some counseling. At the same time we can become more empathic and compassionate towards others and may experience some mystical insights or revelations. This is part of the process of losing yourself, dissolving the boundaries of the ego. So there is also a warning around alcohol and other drugs as you are more sensitive than what you have been to these and their abuse may significantly impact your mental health.


Neptune in the second house may drive you to achieve financial security as well as compelling you to focus upon beautifying your home environment. The whole question of what constitutes material success for you becomes the main driver of your unconscious urges. However, it must be added that given its confusing nature, any investments made could prove fatal to your sense of security if there is not a sound reasoning process behind this. Get-rich-quick schemes or any underhanded ways of getting ahead financially will prove fatal. However, the planet may bring out your compassionate nature towards the plight of others and so giving money to charities and the poor can be at the other end of the spectrum of Neptunian influences in this house. What we value will though change and so the choices we make will also naturally follow in an effort to find a greater sense of fulfillment.


Neptune in the third house brings mental confusion and enhanced intuition. So be careful around your judgments and who you trust as you can be talked into anything during this time. Mental breakdowns can also occur. At this time, learning may be a struggle or there may arise issues with your peers and classmates. The dissolving here is around our mindset, habit patterns, the ways we interact with others through our communication and how we experience the attitudes and behaviours of others. The Arts is the area then to focus upon as your creativity will be heightened and give an outlet to the grief you may otherwise experience with scattered thinking. It may also be a time of challenging our personal worlds with our siblings and relatives, sensitizing you to see more clearly your relationship with these people or those in your inner circle. And so will compel you to set boundaries or otherwise you will become too involved, trying to rescue those closest when they are not helping themselves.